Sophia Grace Brownlee, as plastic as can be.

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Who remembers the sweet, chubby, happy-go lucky little girl who first gained fame for going on Ellen with her little cousin Rosie in pink tutus? Well, a lot has changed since then. Some regard to it as "growing up" however in my eyes, I regard to it as the fame getting into your head. Sophie Grace is now 16. She looks full on plastic, and smothers her face in so much heavy makeup that her skin must look pretty rough underneath all of it by now. She is filthy rich from Mummy and Daddy, and is a fine example of a British snob. Her dress sense is somewhat inappropriate for a sixteen year old. Head on over to her instagram and see for yourself. Also on her Instagram, she never fails to post a picture doing the weird "pout" with her lips, which by the way, look like they've had about 50 needles stabbed into them. And for some reason, whenever she talks it sounds like she has a problem with her throat. If you go back on her Youtube channel (which hasn't been posted on for six months) and click on a vid from about a year ago, her voice is fine. Sounds normal. But then a more recent video, she's had some type of drastic voice drop, and it appears that she's purposely making her voice deeper for some unknown reason. Sophia has a lot of the younger generation following her, as they sort of grew up with her. The stuff she posts and says is surely not a good influence on her younger followers. Also, remember how this whole thing started? Singing. She's still releasing music today, actually. Her most recent song, "My Zone" a collab with some random irrelevant rapper is, well, go have a listen yourself. Terrible, autotuned, robot-like garbage. Who, and I mean who honestly told this girl she could sing. Sure, it was all cute and funny back when she was singing on Ellen. But now, I kind of feel embarrassed for her that she still thinks a music career is what's best for her.

Her cousin, Rosie, is 12 now, and she is doing great. She's doing exactly what a 12 year old should be doing, which is having fun and enjoying childhood. Rosie has her own Youtube channel, and is beginning to start up her music career. I'll be honest, Rosie's music isn't my kind, but I can completely understand people her own age enjoying the music. Rosie has a really nice voice with tons of potential. I prefer the song covers she does on her Youtube channel. Anywho, if you'd like to continue the thread with your own opinions about Sophia and/or Rosie, feel free to do so.

*by the way, I am Sophia's age (16) and my opinions are completely my own and how I feel. As a person the same age as her, it embarrasses me that people like her are influencing younger kids, and I felt I needed to express that. Also, I understand that I am one of the younger people on Tattle, you don't need to remind me!
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I so agree. Sophia wears a lot of makeup, even at 17. I mean she was always an attention seeker right from the beginning. I was very young when she and rosie were on ellen but now watching those videos Sophia hardly let her cousin speak! and all those duck lips on Instagram...ugh. Sophia's made a bunch of songs, a lot of which are super cringe. I think rosie deserves those 1m subsribers more than her! Speaking of rosie, her video are always enjoyable and definitely less fake. rosie for sure wears less makeup than Sophia, and I actually think rosie's voice is purer and nicer-sounding tht Sophia's.
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Very glad Sophia did not end up being cast as little red riding hood in into the woods-I really don't think the role suits her very well and she doesn't even seems to e a very good actresss