should I go to the GP for this? 😬

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Disclaimer I know tattlers aren’t fully qualified gps lol. I’m not really a sickly person but I hate feeling like I’m wasting GP time...

I have a cold. I know I have a cold.
Sunday afternoon my throat felt dry and like I had food stuck in my throat. Spent all of Sunday coughing.
Fast forward to now, have what is obviously a cold. Throat sore, but very very itchy and dry at the same time. And If I look in the back of my mouth I can see a yellow spot, like a pimple, but on I think my tonsil area. Just one! Poked at it with a cotton bud (try and soothe itch!) but nothing. It just hurt.

It feels a bit silly? It’s just the one spot so surely not tonsillitis, but I know I have a cold so I don’t want the gp to be like... ‘why come here for this’


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You could try gargling warm salt water, honey and lemon drink and colloidal silver spray is an antibacterial which can stop you needing antibiotics if you use it early and regularly.

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Thank you everybody. I am waiting it out. ☺ [too tired to actually go anywhere]
Alternating between honey and lemon, strepsils and throat spray lol!
I did think it was a tonsil stone actually - I quite like digging them out 😆 but it doesn’t move or anything. It looks like a little zit, I almost want to squeeze it.
Dr Google has diagnosed me with tonsillitis, strep throat and oesophageal cancer simultaneously. If I succumb to my throat based doom in the next forty eight hours I will invite you all to my funeral. Please wear pink ☺👍🏼

Also — I didn’t realise you could go to the pharmacist and ask about stuff like this, stupidly?!
Today I learned! 😃
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The digging and the squeezing : definitely tonsil stone.
Thanks to you, I found myself watching compilation of people removing their tonsil stones 😂

Today I learned too ! :D