Sending my son to nursery next week

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Well technically childminder. He’s just turned 1.
I technically am self employed in food production but haven’t been doing much business lately. (Think of it as a cake maker from home)
Now the contract goes if I take my son out for illness then I still have to pay. If the childminder shuts then I don’t have to pay.
She’s saying because I work in food production he can still come in.
But I don’t necessarily want him to because it’s not essential for fighting COVID-19. I don’t feel comfortable travelling on 4 buses a day getting there and back. And I don’t want to get in trouble for him being in childcare when he shouldn’t.
But also being self employed, I’m unable to get stock at the moment so can’t do any orders, so can’t afford £600 of childcare each month till this calms down. So what do I do? She’s a lovely lady, and I don’t want her to not be able to pay bills, but i need to pay mine too. And currently there is very little help for self employed people during this crisis.
I have found that the key worker guidelines are extremely loose. However the guidelines are if you’re child can stay home, then they should. That being said, it doesn’t look
Like any thing has been said around if you will need to continue to pay so I would assume you do.
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He should be with you. If thats your childminders attitude I would say you no longer wish to use her service and then find someone else when this is all over.
4 buses is to much at this time, theyre gonna be full of germs 🙈.
Your other option is to phone citerzens advice (if they're still open!) and ask where you stand, but im sure you don't have to send him in.
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You don’t have to send him but she can ask to be paid
you can always withdraw him and try to find someone else after all this is over
i can see both sides as a parent
you need to work to be able to pay her
but she has bills she needs to pay to stay open
its between a rock and a hard place

could you offer to pay half or is that impossible too?
(I know it would have been when mine where small)
you pay £600 a month for a child minder!? Bloody hell, that’s more then I pay for a proper nursery setting!
Don't send him. Everyone should be at home where possible. 4 buses is unnecessary risk for both of you.
Just to update you guys I didn’t send him in. It’s too much to risk getting fined etc. Gutted I lost the money.
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