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Hello fellow tattlers. I've got back into running and I've come down with a case of the ol' shin splints. I think it's partly to do with my shoes.
I have inverted hips and my legs basically roll in from there, down the hips and my feet, this means my pronation is pretty bad. Coupled with this I'm overweight atm (so at 6ft that is some weight on my joints) and I'm also just naturally heavy footed. I'm sure 4 doors down can hear me walk up and down my stairs. At the moment I'm wearing Nike Air Zoom Structure. This is my second pair of them, but I think they're not cushioned enough, hence the shin splints.

Has anyone got any recommendations for decent shoes? I should add the Nikes were fitted in the shop, thats why I bought them again. They just don't work for me and have gave me some blisters too.


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1000000% recommend New balance and these insoles

With new balance you can pick which pronation you are and if you have flat feet, high arch etc.

I’m over weight, hyper mobile and under pronate. Additionally I have issues with a tight Achilles which affects my calves. The insoles in particular have been an absolute god send.


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I don't run but a few years ago I did a bit and after hurting my feet running in fashion trainers I went to Up and Running and they recommended me some shoes based on what I was doing and my weight etc. The difference was amazing honestly. I'd get in touch with them or another running shop and go in for a consultation and get a recommended pair. I think mine were about £70.00. I think non essential shops are starting to open at the beginning of JuneX.


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I can’t really add anything to the shoe recommendations except go and get fitted again when you can and tell them everything you’ve told us.
i will recommend doing an hour of yoga at least 1x per week. I started running last year and was already doing a Saturday morning entry level yoga class. I didn’t realise the benefits straight away, But once i got lazy with the yoga and not going as much I started getting injured much more! I have weak ankles, tight hips and tight hamstrings but yoga definitely helped stretch and build them for running. It really helps with stretching and building core which is important for running. Lots of youtube videos out there!

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