Running in winter

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I was wondering if there are any people that doing running on Tattle - in particular, when it is bloody freezing outside.

I have set myself a challenge next year to do a parkrun every single Saturday regardless of the weather (unless it is cancelled due to extremities). I usually avoid running in the winter and go the gym instead because I always find I get too cold.

Can anyone recommend anything to help with the cold? Especially bitter cold when I have to breathe in. Or icy mornings? I usually have to run before work in the week.

Obviously I have kit like running tights, gloves, ear warmer things... any specific ones though that are great I'm all ears for.

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Get something to wear over your face to start, to take the chill off the air going into your lungs. You can push it dry own later. Layers, deffo gloves. Make sure it's breathable. Nothing worse than wet and cold!
The last time I ran in the winter I relied heavily on Under Armour Coldgear running tights and mock neck tops. I liked to wear a neckwarmer to cover my face at the start but usually found myself pushing it off before I had gone far.

This will be my first winter training for a half-marathon in Canada, so I am hoping my old faves will hold up but am expecting to make more use of my yaktrax.
Those under armour tights are great. Mine are getting old though. I must get replacements.
When is your half marathon @badlynamedgirl?

Oh yes I'd love tips too. One thing I certainly need is a high vis jacket!!
When I did lots of winter running, I used flashing arm bands too.
Sometimes I used to use an old woolen jumper, if it was very cold. More breathable, and more cosy as you start out.
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