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Another vegan that bough a puppy from a puppy mill. Then goes on she has specific reasons for wanting the designer breed, but says she won't get into them. She wanted a certain breed and couldn't find it in any shelter so bought one. Apparently doesn't do any research and just goes on feelings and intuition. So many scandals this girl.

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She’s done the whole typical YouTuber thing “I made a mistake I’m only human” :rolleyes: she also didn’t know puppy mills existed in the US :rolleyes: it made me laugh when she said I wanted a mini golden doodle for certain reasons - what genuine reason could she have for wanting such a particular breed other than its looks? A tweet from earlier in the year stated she wanted one due to its calm demeanour, which is crazy as many breeds are considered calm, as well as it depending on the individual dog.

I’m a vegan and I normally hate the whole vegan judgement that goes on, but I think when you make a whole brand out of animal welfare, it is bizarre to go and buy a puppy when the whole “adopt don’t shop” movement is so well known. Especially then lying and making out you made a mistake when she knew full well what she was doing. Another spoilt youtuber that only sticks to morals until she wants something.
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I think she's another one just using veganism as a vehicle, obviously doesn't give a duck if she goes to a breeder. She's vain and almost certainly wanted the puppy for its look. She could have got a rescue if she looked across a few states for a few months.

The puppy will be given away when she gets bored and just wants to go traveling again without a second thought as to how it will affect the puppy.
super surprised there isn't more about her on here, the girl is a mess and i could go on but i'd be here forever