Post partum hair loss. Any tips?

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Had my 3rd baby nearly 8 weeks ago. Always suffered hair loss after but seems so much more this time round. Any tips on how I can maintain my hair without having to get it cut short? Been growing it for ages and I refuse to cut it lol!!!
Congratulations on your 3rd baby.
I never suffered from postpartum hair loss but did in the last few years suffer from thinning hair and my hair is a lot thicker now.

They say diet can impact it too mine was partly due to stress.
Have you tried hair vitamins?
I have kept up on the folic acid and have been taking hair supplements of various price ranges as long as they contain biotin as I read that was good. I have very thin hair and some hormonal hair loss due to PCOS so it's been a issue for me for decades. Pregnancy has been the only time I've had a decent head of hair and then after it's like I've been near reactor 4 in chernobyl 😭 Going to start trying viviscal and taking out a second mortgage as the boots own brand hair,skin and nails is ok but I want to really start tackling this now my pregnancy years are over (last baby just turned 1)
Make sure you're not deficient in any vitamins/minerals and Nioxin shampoo and conditioner is great ! Other than that not much you can do, the hair that's coming out was supposed to come out while you were pregnant. The hair follicle's cycles were on pause because of pregnancy hormones, so it's now all going to come out at once 😩 I'm 9 months PP and hair is just starting to feel normal again, be patient ❤