Post birth tears, tears & trauma!

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Does anyone remember the pain of the first waddle to the toilet 😩. I remember walking with my newborn in that weird cot thing for his check and feeling like my insides would fall out my fanny!

yeah I’m calling bullshit on the PND! I didn’t even want to leave my bed let alone my house!
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I had the worst first poo anxiety ever. Held it on for days I was that scared. I even considered going in the bath (helped with wees). In the end it just slid out, pain free.
Still with my second I was nervous, again pain free.
Peeing after my first still gives my nightmares, pouring water on my bits really helped! (Advice for any new mums to be).
Had to be stitched up like a patch work quilt with my first as I didn't listen to my midwife when she said take a pause pushing. I thought, fuck that I want this demond out! I listen to their advice on my second 😂
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Oh god my friends my surrogate.were 20 weeks.
I’ve read the horror stories in the Mrs H Thread and now feel:

a) Even more awe of what she’s doing for us

b) even more guilty she’s going to be putting herself through so much pain and after pain for us :(
Oh god my friends my surrogate.were 20 weeks.
I’ve read the horror stories in the Mrs H Thread and now feel:

a) Even more awe of what she’s doing for us

b) even more guilty she’s going to be putting herself through so much pain and after pain for us :(
Giving births the easy bit, theres drugs for that 🥰
I had an undiagnosed 3C tear. It took them years to find it after they fobbed me off. After 8 years I had a stimulator/pacemaker fitted to give me some more life.
I had a csection the first time and had a really traumatic birth (the epidural failed and I felt everything 🙃) so after that birth I was just a mess but more emotionally.

Had a vaginal birth with the next two and I had tears both times so definitely can relate. found the recovery harder than the birth both times
Still very fresh in my mind 😂 failed trial of forceps and an emergency c section after pushing for 45 mins (silly bub got her head stuck) and that first pee after getting the catheter out 😭😭
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I’ve got a nearly 6 month old and this has brought it all crashing back 😂
I had a veryyy long induced labour (40+ hrs, 30 of those on the ward so no pain relief other than paracetamol 😭), didn’t sleep for 3 days and then pushed for 2 hours before my little one finally arrived. I just remember aching from head to toe, in places I didn’t realise I could ache.. literally felt like i’d been hit by a bus. I couldn’t move when they asked me to get up off the bed after delivering, I had to be dragged by the midwives and placed in the wheelchair while one poor student midwife placed those MASSIVE maternity pads under me as the blood gushed from me 😂😩
Stories like this should be used as contraception!!! Everyone warns you about the birth, but not the other bits!
I am also part of the too-terrified-to-poo after birth club 😬 I held it in for days!!!
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Urgh I was induced and she didn’t come until SIX DAYS later, I just laid in bed being induced over and over it was horrible, she definitely wasn’t ready!
By the time she came I was so exhausted I could barely push, I had to be cut! I lost so much blood I needed two blood transfusions in the days following, my baby was in the neonatal unit for 2 days so I could barely see her, makes me well up just thinking about that time, she was fine though and discharged after, but I wasn’t for a week, it was shit but she stayed with me obviously.
I still feel like it’s messed my body up, I can’t clot blood properly and my period lasts one day but it’s like the exorcism, I won’t even go into that 😂
When I was finally allowed home I sat in the car park with my baby and partner in the car and just sobbed my heart out with relief, I honestly thought I was dying at one point! My boyfriend couldn’t drive because he was crying too at me crying haha.
Took me 8 days to poop after 🙈 but I barely ate, the nurse gave me suppositories to take home with me 😂 I never used them I was (shit) scared.
just came naturally but I’ll never forget the after pain, almost worse than labour, I bought an inflatable ring/donut to sit on cause I couldnt sit on my arse for ages!
I was certain I’d never go through it again, we are now trying for baby no 2! 😂😂
Oh god
The stingy wee - weeing in a shallow bath or bidet helped! Poop anxiety... just sitting down..ow. Walking like John fkn Wayne - on crutches! (spd) with a mattress pad 😂.

Epidural failed with my second, hell hath no fury than a woman with SPD frog legs up pushing out a baba... and then the stitches 🤢.

The toe curling pain of those first days/weeks of breastfeeding.
Living in PJ’s! Honestly I see some mums now and think you’re amazing I’m pretty sure I was an almost housebound zombie for the first 4 months x
My daughter's birth was so traumatic that's why she's the only one!! 😂

Induced at 40w+13days. Has waters broken initially at 8am to try and bring on labour - didn't work so I was given a intravenous drip with the inducing hormone at 11.45am. By 1pm I was in full blown labour, on the gas and air and everything.
Got to about 4.30 and I was told to start pushing. The midwife had a trainee in with her and I heard them talking about how they were determined for me to give birth before their shift finished so cranked up the hormone drip 😳😳 After that it went a bit pair shaped - basically they had me trying to push outside of contractions just to get her out quicker. In the end daughter was born at 6pm (after the shift change 🙄) but I ended up with a 3rd degree tear and a destroyed pelvic floor!

Two doctors then spent an hour poking around deciding whether I needed surgery before being eventually took down to theatre. Husband was left totally alone with newborn daughter whilst I was down there, 2 hrs in total, without being checked on once.

Got stitched up by a lovely doctor who happened to be rather pregnant herself, hopefully she gave birth at a different hospital 😂😂😂 Oh and then when I was wheeled back to the ward the duty doctor went ape-shit cos they forgot to put a catheter in for surgery 🙄🙄

I was in for 3 day.... They would have kept me in longer, they were waiting for a bowel movement before they let me out but I got that desperate to go home I lied that I'd done one and flushed the toilet accidentally 😂😂😂

And the in-laws wondered why I never had another baby... 😂😂😂
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My first daughter's birth was traumatic for me in that two midwives didn't believe i was in labour and sent my husband home because NO VISITORS AFTER 8PM. I was terrified and thought i was to give birth alone in the toilets. Then i had a Male midwife which made me feel really uncomfortable. Took me a long time to get over that birth.

Second birth was great but unfortunately ended up with a 3rd degree tear which was really painful until it was stitched up hours later.

3rd birth no problem! In fact I might say I enjoyed it because I wasnt scared and my husband answered my questions such as 'is he nearly out' truthfully. Couldn't have done it without gas and air though!
Even though I read in multiple places and got told by at least two midwives that it couldn't happen, my stitches broke 😭
Every HCP at my GP and on the maternity ward must have looked down there at some point (I suppose it is good that they were keeping an eye on things) but safe to say my dignity is long gone.
Took 3 months to heal as well...
Planning on starting a family omg I'm shit scared and thought kidney stones would be the end of me! Haha
14 years ago i was pregnant with my daughter, i was 6 months pregnant and didn't know.
I had never been in hospital so was very scared but knew I was in the right place with great NHS staff. I was 10 days overdue and daughter arrived after 33 hour labour, she weighted 10lb 14.5oz. Pain relief was gas and air. I had 4th degree tears and had to go into theatre to be repaired. I had to have a catheter for a day and problem was my visitors kept sitting on my wee bag 🤔. It took me 5 days to eventually do a number 2, i was told to hold myself with a sanitary towel and was too scared to go. It happened eventually after my midwife kept asking everyday if i had been, when it did happen i phoned my mum (as you do 🤣) as i was proud it had happened. I had another 2 babies after and both had to be c section due to the size of my daughter so i wasn't too worried about the toilet issue. 2nd child i recovered well but 3rd child was born 11 months after 2nd and i did struggle as i had to give my body a 2 year rest inbetween c sections, however i didn't. My boys are 11 months apart in age and are in same year at school they are very close and are the best of friends as well as brothers.
I remember about an hour after giving birth to number 2 my mate rang the ward
i got the message ‘problem at home-ring your mate’
(this was pre mobiles)
i shot out of that bed and ran down that ward-got to the pay phone and passed out in front of it
turns out my mate had rang to tell me my pfb had been picked up by my mother and that she was going home herself

i remember with all 6 that first poo-the wee wasn’t that bad (bloody stung tho) but my god the poo...
you had to have had at least one before they’d let you go home
from number 3 onwards I lied saying I had/all was ok and forced it out at home

my neighbours must have thought I was being murdered

and a huge thank you goes out to no fucker who ‘forgot’ to tell me my milk would kick in at 3 days and I’d have to squeeze my own tits to get enough nipple so baby could latch on-but they where that full moving my arms was like being stabbed with swords and I soaked two towels milking myself (not something I ever thought I’d do)

and that I’d bleed for 12 weeks-I thought I’d die from blood loss

and I’d still be leaking milk 10 weeks after stopping feeding (which may be ‘natural’ but is bloody hard work) is normal-I cried to my doctor thinking I was gonna shrivel to a husk

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