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I have a theory that Instagrammers are all the popular girls at school that now out in the real world can’t bear not having people idolise them so compete for followers and sponsorships to replace that sense of validation they got from being alphas in the school playground

So many seem to have been the popular girl at school or the bully. How many in the upper tiers at least were the quiet geeky types? Hardly any that I have seen

I’m convinced they’re trying to relive their youth when they felt important
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Anyone on IG who constantly posts selfies of themselves or chats and stories themselves is usually an attention seeker keen to be given free stuff and adoration from gullible people in society .

Were they the Queen Bee or Bully at school? , I don’t know but they certainly must have had that sense of entitlement and arrogance to be confident enough to follow the IG that it now is ; a sales platform which is a terrible shame .
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I just don’t think they’re all in it for the money I think a lot of it is the sense of validation and attention they lost once they left school and no one gave a shit anymore
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I think for some of them it was the opposite: few friends and so now desperately scrabbling around for whatever/whoever they can get (ahem, buy) to feel like the popular kid and get that affirmation they didn’t have at school. That’s my amateur psychology for the day 😂
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Maybe but I have seen a lot of people mentioning on various different threads that said instagrammer was one of the popular girls/bullies
I think some of them have just never matured beyond the “popularity” contest that was high school - they feel that getting loads of followers/likes is the most important thing in the world and it validates them. People like Mrs Meldrum for example.

Others I think were the opposite and now feel they need to get as much attention as possible at any cost to make up for their feelings of inferiority as teens. People like Brummy Mummy.
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