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Hi, sorry for the shouty title!
As some of you may know I am disabled, I have spoken about it briefly here. When I am eating I use a tray as I cannot hold plates on my lap (I jiggle and they slide off). I had one from Aldi HERE: - it was big enough to fit my iPad Pro and also to sit on my lap nicely with a plate on top. If it’s any smaller/rounder they slide off of my lap easier. And a selfish reason but.... As I am disabled my iPad is my life really, I don’t go out often and using the iPad at dinnertime is a big way for me to relax. I know it sounds silly!

Measurements must be: Tray: 43 x 32.4 x 80cm approx, Tablet holder cut out 32.5 x 2.9cm approx

The lap tray is CROFTON branded, Aldi have stopped making these trays in 2017 ish. They have new ones but they aren’t the same measurements.

Other suitable ones are here:
(All of which have since gone out of stock)

I am based in Wales. A lady on Facebook was selling one but I contacted her and she refused to deliver it :(

I have contacted Aldi and LittleBlueCup just in case but heard nothing.

Please, please help me - if you can find one for sale, find one with the same measurements or whatever PLEASE tell me. I feel like I’ve looked everywhere and asked everyone. It’s such a small thing but I’m honestly in pieces about it. 😅 (and really wish that lady had sold one to me)
Have you tried searching places like amazon or eBay ? I hope you can find the one you want. 😌