Noughts + Crosses (BBC)

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Loved the books when I was younger, even took them when we relocated to the US

So intrigued about the BBC adaption .
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Oh wow I’m surprised no one else has contributed yet. Did you watch it? Thoughts ?

I also loved the book as a kid (I only read the first I think I was slightly too old by the time more came out - though I’d read them now!)
It was the first book that ever made me cry. Not just prickly round the eyes but full blown tears streaming down your face weeping.

I haven’t watched the adaptation yet. Am also intrigued by it by which I mean im not sure. The trailer makes it seem far more of a different world with a strong aesthetic than I ever imagined. I recall just thinking of our world with this one key difference but it was a long time ago that I read it. I’m interested to know if that works.
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Hyped it up to my hubby because I loved the books. Wasn’t gripped by the show though - but we are only one in, so will reserve judgement until at least episode 2!
I’ve watched the first two, but haven’t read the books! Enjoyed it so far, love the styling!
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Absolutely love the books, and I am enjoying this although it's a different sytle than I expected. I do like that it's a) been made for an adult audience and b) updated from beng written in the late 90s/millenuim subtly so that there are smartphones etc without it feeling clunky.

I do think there is a gap in the market for a "younger" adaptation of the show too, as I think the book is on the KS3 curriculum and I think this isn't quite right for a bunch of 11 year olds, but the message is important.
Loved the books too but I havent started to watch the series yet I have the first 2 waiting to watch on my planner.
I’m just watching the first episode, not sure what I think. It’s a bit heavy handed. I could have done without the introduction explaining the social structure, for instance. Would have been better to show through the writing how things are.

I like the inversion of casual racism - sephy’s mum telling Callum’s mum, also her maid, she might “catch a bit of colour.” And the lecturer saying he knew some noughts personally “they’re always so cheerful” but also violent inherently and that’s not prejudice just facts. That scene was a little heavy handed too, but good in principle. Best was sephy not being able to grasp that the police might have beaten someone up and lied about it - the ignorance of privilege. And the fact that “blanker” came so easily to her under duress.

But the way her boyfriend treated Callum didn’t really make sense if this is a world where people like the lecturer have to cover their racism in ‘facts.’ It would have been more effective if the boyfriend was seemingly friendly but patronising and full of veiled put downs rather than so open. I just think it would chime more closely with our real world. Also if sephy has been subscribing to one vision of the world all her life, she certainly changed it quickly...?
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Started watching a couple of episodes down, acting is iffy & the set/costumes etc all look a bit cheap.
It covers interesting topics for kids and does make you think, it feels like a budget kids education show. Like though the dragons eye (joke)
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I thought the guy who played Callum wasnt that great of an actor - you could just tell he was reading off a script, it’s hard to describe but i wasn’t lost in the story I was watching someone act with him
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I only watched it a month or so ago but somehow I can’t even bring the ending to mind now ? What happened ?!?

Overall I know I thought it was pretty weak.
It didn’t stay true to the book.
Jude got Sephy and Callum out of the hostage situation, and they ran off to his childhood place in the woods.
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