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I've not watched in ages, ex vegan that is a drama queen with bad acting and a compulsive liar. But just checked and he's had 20 million views in the last 30 days. He's doing well. Has anyone here been following him? Still wondering what happened with his husband and visa.
I don't watch that much, but as far as I can tell his husband decided to end their marriage because he is dying?? Or maybe I got that totally wrong. Niko has been hanging out in LA quite a bit, or his parent's basement in PA. :rolleyes:
I haven't watched him in ages either. I used to occasionally watch when he did videos with Brianna Fruit Jackson/was vegan. I checked out his channel a while ago (I think when Brianna did that response to his 'why I don't want to be vegan' video) and was shocked at the change. I just don't get the whole mukbang sit down thing...fair enough when people do the occasional video of it and its just a normal meal, but if its every video, it just reminds me of those 'feeder' websites. (Which I'm guessing is his main audience now)
Brianna Jackson just tried to “cancel” him on jwr channel - I feel she needs a thread here as she’s just thrown the majority of her old audience under the bus by basically saying veganism is an eating disorder. No, it’s the way SHE did it! She’s eating meat not yet still uses fry light...
This guy is the weirdest bastard ever. He makes me cringe. I would not like to be alone in a room with him.
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He must have made millions by now, he's so ridiculous. It's like Trisha paytos on speed. But all those thumbnails make new feel queasy
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He's got an only fans 😶 I've just seen people reacting to it and feel disturbed

He's got a new video and he's 300lb!

The abuse he's doing to his body all for clicks has ruined his body and intimately his life. It's awful
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Can someone please create a thread on Nikocadoavocado?

so apparently hes done with you tube again for 100th time and is suing a tea channel. His behaviour is so erratic
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