My daughter is almost 18, got her first proper boyfriend, he asked me about valentines

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Totally off topic, admin pls remove if not ok,
Looking for some advice.
My daughter is almost 18, got her first proper boyfriend, he asked me about valentines, I told him she has never had flowers, so he has ordered her some, but arranged for her to sleep at hers and get her flowers there, meaning his parents will see her face/ reaction, I have raised her all on my own and would have liked seen that very special moment. Am I out of order feeling that way?
The special moment when she receives her flowers tomorrow should just be shared between your daughter & her boyfriend, I don’t really think either you nor his parents should really be privy to that? I appreciate you just want to see her happy and take in the moment but I’d try to just let them enjoy the day if you can and then you can enjoy hearing all about it from her over the weekend? Presumably he’s not taking her over to his specifically for his parents to see her get the flowers?!
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Yes, this is a moment for your daughter and her boyfriend. Not you or his parents. You aren't going to be a part of everything and that is ok. The last thing teens need is an overbearing parent, it can come across as narcissistic. I am sure she will be happy to tell you about it though.
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Just think it will be amazing when you see her face light up as she tells you what a wonderful day she had 😍
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Yeah. It's a romantic couples moment. It's unlikely her parents will be there to watch, and if they do see, it's just one of those things.
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