Millennials Spend £3'000 a year on non essentials

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Another bleeping ridiculous report, £250 a month to cloth yourself, go out and have the odd bit of fun and the odd treat is hardly extravagant.

Millennials go out way less then the generations before them and people try to put the blame on them that they can't afford houses when they've gone up from 3 times average wage to 12 times in a generation.

It's like they want people to have living standards of someone in a developing country.

Millennials spend over £3,000 a year on coffee, socialising, food and clothes, according to a new study.

The average annual bill comes to £3,312.72, a survey of 20 to 37-year-olds for Barclays found.

The study found that millennials in the North East of England spent the most on clothes, shoes and accessories each month at £92.04 on average, while those in the East of England spent the least at £45.23.

Those in the North East also spent the most on daily treats such as coffees (£75.83 per month) (also much needed), while those in Yorkshire and the Humber spent the least at £28.92.

People in the South West spent the most each month on socialising (£103.81 on average), probably as drinks are more expensive the closer you get to London.
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Haha 250 quid a month spent on enjoying your life, how dare we!

I just find this so out of touch, house prices have skyrocketed and salaries have not increased at the same rate, plus rent and food alone is more expensive now that before. Even getting to work is eye-wateringly expensive - a mate of mine pays almost £7000 per year to commute to his job in London. And he has to commute, because he can't afford London rent plus saving for a house deposit. With all this misery, so what if people live a little and spend £250 a month? Do they expect us to live as hermits, freezing cold and staring at a wall in an overpriced, mouldy 1 bed flat?

I bet these 'non-essentials' are things like meeting your mates for a quick drink after work, eating out occasionally, gym membership, buying new clothes for know, just normal humans enjoying life! The report makes it seem as if millennials (defined as people in their mid 20s to late 30s, by the way) are out buying lamborghinis and clubbing every night lol
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I agree, house prices are insane now and salaries don't reflect it. I saw an article a while back claiming that if people didn't buy meal deals/sandwiches, they'd be able to afford a house. :ROFLMAO: Yeah packed lunches save money but maybe a few hundred quid a year - hardly enough for a deposit.
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So sue us!! > Millennials spend over £3,000 a year on coffee, socialising, food and clothes, according to a new study.

How dare we spend our hard earned cash, and live our lives! :p

We could easily say facetiously that elder generations might spend 3,000 a year on cigarettes, booze and gambling...