Maternity Leggings/Clothes

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I think I've read before that ASOS do some really good mat leggings, but I might be getting mixed up. Anyone got any favourites?
Also, where would you recommend for day to day mat clothes in general? I'm a short one so any that cater for petites would be great 😊👍
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Best jeans I’ve had were from peacocks! People rave about H&M and Topshop jeans, worth a try? I liked ASOS maternity stuff, their jeans/trousers came up super small though! Or maybe I just piled on the pounds... I bought a few bundles of secondhand maternity dresses on FB marketplace, worth every penny!
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Dorothy Perkins or New Look both do cheap maternity wear and both do leggings/jeggings

I used to wear maternity leggings or maternity jeans with a long, oversized top or tunic. Or buy tops/dresses a few sizes bigger than you are.
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I found ASOS quite small aswell Boohoo maternity is great. New look for maternity jeans. River island just introduced a maternity range aswell. I lived in t-shirt dresses from plt when pregnant I just sized up for work. I found the best leggings were Asda for nice high waisted ones.
I also found ASOS maternity sizes huge, my bump never got big enough to fill it 😂

New Look, H&M, Next (online) and Debenhams blue herring maternity we’re all great
ASOS do maternity petite leggings - I live in them! Rated H&M jeans until about 30 weeks and then they just didn’t sit right on my bump and I can’t wear them now! I pretty much wear leggings and a range of maternity blouses from H&M, New Look and Boohoo!
Highly recommend New Look maternity leggings...I'm still wearing mine after 2 years 😂

(Don't judge me, they hold in my mum tum brilliantly)
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