MacBook help

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I’ve got a MacBook Air and trying to work out how to put photos from my phone onto my hardrive ( my passport for Mac ) can anyone help? I have no idea how to back anything up or clear storage from it and put onto my hardrive 🤦‍♀️
my iPhone photos automatically share onto my mac and are all saved in my iCloud which i pay extra for more storage so they dont fill my phone or laptop storage. This may work for you?
I do this monthly bc I’m a lunatic and take hundreds of pics monthly of my pit bull and lab mutt. Haha
I plug the external hard drive into my MacBook air
An icon pops up on your screen ; open that
Make your folders (like 2020 - April pics) or however you want to group them.
Then I plug my iPhone in
Image capture pops up. Open that and all your pics are in order. Group highlight (*Command* then highlight to select as many as you want then hit *Command* again - that’s lets you select hundreds without tapping each one)
then at the drop down menu at the bottom it allows you to select the folder to attach to!