Liz and Damian Hurley

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Delia Smith

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Any thoughts on this mother and son combo and their odd relationship?
Liz looks incredible for her age. The genes have clearly been passed on to Damian but to me there's something amiss with them as a pair....he is a total clone of her, to the point he is basically Liz 2.0.
I think at some point fairly soon he will come out as trans. It's just a bit extreme how much he is moulding himself on his mum.



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See, I can see a lot of his dad in him too. It depends on how he is styled, angles, lighting...and no doubt they do play up his resemblance to his mother sometimes as it's probably quite beneficial in terms of things like coverage. They are both beautiful, and he is in his own right. I didn't realise how posh he sounded! The video in the link is the first time I've heard him speak.


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Be More Pacific

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He’s a very pretty boy, quite feminine features. Bit weird if he is trying to look exactly like his mother, but if it’s just genetics it can’t be helped.
Genetics fine but growing your hair to the same length and wearing pretty much the same hat and make up as your mother is just weird. Not just a bit weird. Really fucking weird. Especially when you're a boy.


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Or exploiting the fact he looks very like his mum to create a niche modelling career?
This, I think. Whether it’s for modelling work (I don’t know how much work he gets) or just attention whoring I don’t know.

He gives me the heebie jeebies though. It’s the hair. When his hair was shorter he looked... normal. Nothing creepy about him whatsoever. Now his hair is longer and IDENTICAL to his mother’s, it’s just weird beyond belief.
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