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imo she’s just another one of those “I have a nice house so you will ALL know about it people” she also digs for compliments quite a lot. Dull as dishwater.
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Hi, Lauren here. My son's grandparents live in another country, we can't just pop up whenever we'd like or stay just for the night. He spent 4 nights with them over half term because they offered and so I wouldn't have to struggle with work.
His other grandparents arent able to help much as my dad's health is deteriorating and my mum is his carer.
You didn't need to know any of that, I just felt it a bit unfair to be tarred as one of those mothers that palm their kids off to whomever when it couldn't be further from the truth. My social life is non existent because of that, which is probably why I'm dull as dishwater, but I've never claimed to be interesting so that's ok 😆.
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Isn’t it cringy when people post screen shots of all the ass kissing messages they’ve received 🙄
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I like her, she posts ads well, sticks to guidelines as far as I can tell (I could be wrong) and I like that she runs a business. Iv bought from it quite a few times.
I don’t think she’s living an unrealistic life which is what concerns me with influencers. Her and her partner work, they don’t flaunt cash And I don’t think she lies the same way the likes of Mrs Meldrum does to her followers. I’m here for the shady followers who flaunt the rules 😂
Today’s post of her sons first day at school has been turned in to an #ad is it just me or does anyone else think that’s sad, turning a milestone into a selling advertisement ?
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