Honest Product Reviews - Including Influencer Inspired Purchases

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Let’s hear them! What’ve you purchased from insta businesses that seem to be promoted by various ‘influencers’ on instagram? Thoughts and opinions?
Hampton and Astley towels are not luxury
Soul are soul less No throw
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So it was mentioned in another thread about all the same products that float around Instagram being prompted by the same crowd and if any of them are actually any good, these so called influencers/ ad whores/ insta mums/ wannabes word is pretty worthless at this point I think, I would trust somebody’s review on here much more so thought it might be good to start a thread for anything we’ve been suckered in to trying so others don’t make the same mistake,

Things I’ve bought,

Scrub daddy- didn’t rate it didn’t last long
Jd seasonings- ok made nice meals expensive for what it is tooth and can easily recreate at home

There’s so many of these gifted/ ad products,
Hampton and Astley
Soul candles
Made by Yasmin
Daisy blue candles
Countless wax melt companies
Cleaning products
Hello fresh etc
White company
Decorating centre online
Shark hoover
To name but a few so feel free to add anymore
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I bought a Minkey when I got sucked in by Hinch - Biggest load of wank!
Sph2onge - Rubbish.
Scrub Daddy - I like them but they’re pricey for what they are but I do buy them if they’re on offer.
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i just moved this to general and changed the title slightly I hope that’s ok @Bluebird7
Brilliant topic!! 😃

I’d love to know what people would rave about and recommend without being paid as well as what they got sucked into buying
Minkehhhh - crap, nothing special
Decorating centre online - my mum buys a lot of paint from here and she raves about it. Her house is stunning. she uses a lot of the F&B colours mixed as leyland trade.
F&B - Not worth the hype, if you like the colours get them mixed as above.
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