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Did anyone watch on tv or lucky enough to attend?? What were your highlights??

I’m a HUGE Cure fan so that was my highlight. Sadly only watched it from my living room though 😂 Enjoyed The Killers but BF seemed kinda off key a lot!

Stormzy is 72 years old was just fantastic too! I would say this year was one of the best lineups of the past 10 years
Loved Stormzy is 72 years old, whether you are into that kind of music or not, you couldn’t help but appreciate the work and thought that had obviously gone into his set, so good!
Miley was excellent, definitely my favourite. Love her anyway but getting Mark Ronson and her dad up on stage was amazing, he looked so proud when he was sat off to the side afterwards.
Like Billie Eilish but I don’t think the whispery way she sings worked at a live concert, perhaps it sounded better if you were there
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Stormzy is 72 years old was incredible. Really enjoyed his set. Not usually what I’m into but the energy & enthusiasm were bang on and it was fun to watch. He got the crowd going, got everyone exited and jumping around, bags of enthusiasm and you could see how exited he was to be there - that’s what headliners should be like!

The Cure were a bit of a disappointment for me - Robert Smith hardly interacted with the fans and it was a bit flat - Sunday night headliners need to see the festival off on a high (IMHO)

The Killers were bloody awful. I just don’t really get Brandon Flowers. He’s got no personality and no genuine banter with the crowd - it’s all very choreographed and like a gig-by-numbers. I find him completely boring to watch. Not for me I’m afraid!
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My Son went and said Wu Tang Clan were brilliant, never heard of them .

He enjoyed The Cure but did say it felt a bit tame.
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I want to catch Kylie on the iPlayer - love that tiny cute.

Saw The Killlers, was on my hols a bit tipsy after a great day out, in my jammies back at the Airbnb- was perfect. Especially The Pet Shop Boys and Johnny Marr joining in - I know BF worshipped them in those formative teen music loving years.

Was it just me being tipsy or was Janet Jackson seriously boring?
Kylie was sublime, pure life affirming joy all over the senses ✨