Gel Nail Varnish

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I have been having gel varnish on my nails since about June this year.

My nails are now brittle, broken and cracking. (Before they were perfect).

Is this the gel varnish or just a bad coincidence?

I would go to a different technician they shouldn’t be leaving them like that if they are taken off properly. I had the same experience with a bad technician, kept my cuticles moisturised and eventually it all grew out and healthy again.
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I've been having gel nails for a few years now and my nails have always been in bad condition after the nails come off for a few weeks BUT - I always take them off myself and keep my cuticles moisturised. I’ve been shouted at by the nail technicians as apparently if you take them off yourself this damages the nail plate (hence making them weaker). I was going to a nail bar which used a mini sanding thing to file down the nail and apparently this also damages the nail plate. I’ve been going to another place recently who press down on the cuticles (I think? a little scooping thing!) and file with a nail file - and this has put them in better condition but not amazing.
Hey ladies. I’m a nail tech/ beauty therapist so here goes.
Obviously, doing anything to your nails is going to cause wear and tear eventually. It’s not a natural thing to do but we all do it!
Your nails shouldn’t be weak or bad after having any form of nail treatment. Removing gel polish should be a gentle procedure and not invasive on your nails bed. Every time you file your nails you are taking some of the nail bed off so doing this too much can cause them to become wear and thin. Your nail tech should only be touching your natural nail bed the most minimal amount possible.
I use a nail drill and some people hate them and give them a bad reputation but, it actually is less damaging than using a nail file. Using a nail file can cause burning as the nail tech can’t actually see where they are looking or see what they are doing/ how far down they are going. I have heard many many stories of people who have had horrific experiences via a nail file, they not come to me and their nails are perfect again.
Biggest annoyance for a nail tech is a client removing their nails them selves 🤭 You can cause a lot more damage than you even think. Also picking and peeling nails causes SO much damage!! Gel polish should be removed by buffing the top shiney coat off them wrapping them with a remover for 10 minutes. (Wrapping with soaked Cotten wool and tin foil to cause a small amount of heat to help it dissolve) If should either then scrape gently or just buff off the nail causing minimal damage. If you want to get your nails in a better condition, leave them without anything on (normal nail polish is okay) apply cuticle oil twice a day by massaging it in as this stimulates blood flow. And leave them short so they don’t break or split. 😁
Thank you.

To be fair to my technician, she does soak them of for me and does not use a drill. She just uses a 'wooden stick' to get difficult bits of but for 90% of the varnish it does crumble off. I don't peel or pick the varnish off.

So it guess its just a bad coincidence.

I am going to be varnish free now for a month in the lead up to Christmas.

Many thanks,
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