Footballers wives

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Please tell me other people used to be obsessed this this show 😂 I so wish they would repeat it or make new ones.
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Yes ! Loved this show , I’ve got the boxsets kicking about somewhere will need to look them out for a re watch
Oh yeah I loved it had the box set. I didn't like the last series when some of the originals had left.
Yes loved this & dream team,ha!! When the baby was suffocated by a cat because it was doused in fake-tan. Classic. Tanya was brilliant.
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Omg I need it back!!!

The Real Housewives of Cheshire is as close as it gets nowdays
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I looooved it! Poor Chardonnay ... remember her storyline?

Playing for Keeps (linked above) is great! Just as trashy; a good modern-day comparison.
I liked this at the time but like Bad Girls the last few series were just awful. Plus, I don’t think WAGS really have the same reach as they did back when the show was in its prime.
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