Filippo giove

Do you think filippo giove us in the closet?

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Has he ever been with Tracey di Marco Maloney or do you think he will?
He went from a boy to a man after leaving jerseylicious and always posts things about wanting the perfect relationship yet I haven't heard of a one person he's ever had a relationship with all these years. Surely someone so attractive would have no trouble in that dept?
Do you think he has all the gear but no idea? As in he lacks confidence and is one of those men who won't step up for fear of rejection? Or do you think he's gay and is scared to come out of the closet? :unsure:
So a man who seems mature, good job, attractive but never gets laid? It's strange 🤨
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Funny you should start a post on Fillipo because I've just unfollowed him on insta. His posts are quite misogynistic in my opinion. They all seem to be about the perfect woman for him and how she is filthy in bed.

I loved him on the show because he was so funny and cute but I think he's become quite creepy as he's aged.

His mam, Cathy is wonderful though...although im6surprisrd she hasn't pulled him on some of his posts though.

Don't think he'll ever get with Tracy Maloney though. Shes6too trashy for him.

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