Emma Hill - where she at!

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I’ve done multiple searches for threads on Emma Hill but can’t find one..🤷🏼‍♀️

Where is she and why hasn’t she posted one of her utmost faaashun dahlink videos in over a month?

She started off doing isolation-diaries and then just stopped!

Anyone else an Emma watcher?

She annoys me but I still watch her videos 😂
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This is Emma Hill with the many dogs? I discovered on tattle another one exists! I haven't watch her for maybe a year as I just got a bit bored of her videos. I also find her tone of voice makes it sound like she's mopaning, even if she isn't? I remember at the time there was a vibe people had over on GG that maybe her marriage was in a rouge patch. Hopefully they're past that now as I do think they were sweet together.
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We do have an Emma Hill Thread :)

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