Crazy middles

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Crazy middles are a YouTube family of 20 kids 2 biological 18 adopted.
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What is everyone’s opinion on them?
I find them a bit strange. Pretty sure they're hardcore Mormons (although I don't think Cody is), which to each their own but it seems a bit culty to me.
Lacey definitely always seems like she wants to be the centre of attention so not sure how/if they'll cope when she goes off to college.
I find it weird how the older kids often share with the younger ones...reminds me of the Radfords - almost like they want a babysitter around all the time.
I feel sorry for Landon (the biological kid) as he always looks miserable and seems uncomfortable on camera. I wonder if he might have anxiety or something, but he just doesn't seem all that happy half the time. I also wonder if he actually likes that his parents adopted so many siblings.