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A thread to share any funny reviews, this one has tickled me

★★★★★1 out of 5 stars.
· 3 months ago
Having bought other products from the Early Learning Centre over the last thirty odd years, they should be thoroughly ashamed of producing such a poor quality product.
I bought a sealed pack from one of your branches . . . labelled as suitable for children over two years old. Very few British children of two years of age will have encountered: bottles of ink or jellyfish. I could forgive the lion, parrot, elephant and octopus (which children do at least encounter in books much more frequently) if the general quality of illustration was acceptable . . . but it's not.
The "parrot" looks like a chicken (cockerel) in fancy dress . . . or simply a (very non-specific) bird; the bottle of ink looks like a curious engineering workshop reject; the queen is reminiscent of a Disney princess; the nest looks like a cowpat with a couple of eggs on top; and the suckers on the "arms" of the jellyfish make it look much more like a poor attempt at drawing an octopus . . . with half its arms removed.
Given the fact that the camera was invented over two hundred years ago, there is no excuse for such confusingly poor illustrations - Children deserve better.
Relation None of the aboveTell us about your favourite bits Some of the illustrations are acceptably recognisableAnything you didn't like? Too many are not!

✘ No, I do not recommend this product.
Oh I love this! Me and my sister are always sending each other funny ones we come across, will have to dig some out!

Some gems are usually in the Q&A sections on amazon
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Restarting this thread, please join in :)

This was found for a sainsburys chocolate cake:

Drier than my DM's
This cake did not serve 6, only 2; me and my stomach. As well as this, it was quite dry, in fact, drier than my Snapchat DM's. The chocolate was really luscious but a little runny. I still ate it all. I would use this to eat if I needed a little 4am snack after the ending of Love Island. I also forgot my daughter is lactose intolerant... #justrichmumtings
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Probably insensitive given what's happening at the moment but the reviews on coffins on amazon are hilarious.

Biodegradable Coffin - Escaped the Grave
Was a good size but due to being made out of cardboard my gran managed to escape before we got to bury her

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