Car share

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Any fans of car share, there’s a special episode (audio only) on iplayer. They recorded it last week apparently ☺
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People have too much free time during lockdown. Getting offended over the breastfeeding bit on the audio Car Share episode. What a joke. There wasn't anything offensive about it, and certainly wasn't "promoting formula".

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Been meaning to watch this for so long but it wasn’t available anywhere! All episodes are on iPlayer and I’ve watched it all in like two days 😂 what a lovely heartwarming show. I can see why it’s so popular I found myself smiling throughout the entire thing. Fab soundtrack too
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The one where they give Elsie the smurfette a lift home is my favourite.🤣
That episode is tv gold!!! The acting is beyond superb. (never realised it was the guy out of game of thrones the first time I watched it) but it’s up there with episodes from Only fools and horses imo.
The songs that they play on the radio always get me singing along too xx
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