Buying a house with leased solar panels, would you?

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I cannot believe the number of people that have these but still don't reduce their price accordingly. It means you don't own the roof and can't do what you like. Then when they run out the roof will probably be damaged when they are taken out of service.

Saw a great house, then scrolled to Please note that the airspace above the roof is leased to Sunlife. The lease is from 05/09/2011 for a term of 25 years and 3 months. The solar panels provide the property with free electricity.

25 years! What were all these people thinking! I knock off 30k for that instantly but they always want full wack.
Was reading an article the other day about the top 10 things that devalue your property & solar panels was right up there....this leasing out your roof space is crazy, I wouldn’t purchase.
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It's crazy! Just buying out the contract can be 20k, then you've got to get rid of the things and possibly fix the roof. It's an immediate 50k off my offer and I wouldn't bother unless it was special.

All for at best £30 a month off your bill! Bonkers!!
No way!! We went to buy one with leased panels at the beginning of this year and we pulled out as they ended up more hassle than they was worth and the sellers didn’t even have the lease or any paperwork to show us. But worked out well for us, we now have a bigger, nicer house in a better location for less money 😂
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