Bowing 737 Max Plane Scandal

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I knew it was the software on the bowing 737 max, but had no idea it was a flawed design that they didn't inform pilots about. All for greater profitability and to compete. Unbelievable that it was approved so quickly and had to crash twice before it was grounded.

Lots are accountable for this and expect there will be much more coming out with this tragic scandal

Finally watched the vox video that keeps getting recommended, usually I find their stuff way too basic and just have high level intro but in this situation it works.
I watched it on '60 Minute America,' and it was just awful! Only having one sensor instead of 2 so they didn't have to retrain the pilots! Relying on that one sensor to stabilise the aeroplane because they was using engines that were too big for the planes body!
Not informing or training the pilots about this sensor.
Terrible. Shocking. Scary.
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It was all about money and not wanting to lose out on the airbus neo so they rushed through this inferior redesign and in order for it to complete with the neo pretended that a quick tablet course was all pilots needed to know.

It's shocking that they got it past the regulators. It should be at least on par with vw and their emissions scandal.

The software update is complete, but still needs to get approval. They're hoping to get the planes back in the air for the summer rush. Must be safe by then but will people want to go on it? Airlines are spending a fortune on running less efficient older planes while the Max's are grounded.
Boeing basically has the American regulators in its pocket, similarly the government too. The whole plane design should never have been approved, but as you say, money talks and it would’ve taken too long and too much money to design a new plane while Airbus got ahead of the market with their new plane. Heads should be rolling and criminal charges should be levied against Boeing. US govt fined VW billions, Boeing will be rewarded with no fine and a continuing relationship with the US government for US Air Force planes and equipment. This is far worse than what happened with VW and will severely damage public trust in Boeing and specifically the 737 Max.