Bore off!

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I am growing more and more bored of instagram accounts small or big selling there soles for a few wax melts or printed pictures. I think some almost orgasm over hitting 10k for a swipe up and the chance of upping there freebie chances!
After you get past the fact that 90% of accounts are like sheep and use all the same products, with all the same colour schemes, taking the same pics with the same chopped cushions.. you realise that it’s soooooooo boring!
I literally count on 1 hand... to be be generous, say nearly two hands on insta of people that really do there own thing and don’t just follow the crowds!
Please people on insta who want followers, please be yourselves! You never know we might like it more than watching you put pine down ya loo and baby shark your rugs !
I will give credit to those that do it already! Not everyone is brainwashed or part of an army! 🙌🏻
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It’s like everyone’s scared to be themselves. Same decor, same staged photos, same everything.
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Would love to know some accounts that do their own thing? Any suggestions? I like to find new and exciting accounts
Oh wait... maybe don't follow the "soul"less ones you protest to be so bothered by...
I don’t, I have unfollowed them thanks for your fabulous advice. Your prob one of those accounts seeing if your mentioned on here
purely because this sad little hole fascinates me
So you're telling people in your comments to not be bothered by what these Instagrammers are posting...and yet here you are...being bothered by what people are posting and also 'wasting your evening' responding to comments?
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this sad hole is clearly good enough for you to spend your evening on and make an account.
So I can’t post my opinions on people but you can? Ok .. makes sense 😂😉
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