Bark website, legally taking your money for fake services

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The initial "sign up" fee is advertised as less than what they actually take from your bank. Then after receiving numerous calls for jobs that don't exist they then proceed to take more money from your bank and claim that the second payment was automatically set up by their system. It's disgraceful what companies can get away with these days! Please be careful who you give your details to, as even a legitimate company will work out loop holes as to how they can extract extra hard earned money from your account without authorisation.
Is this the dog walking website? I thought about using them on the one day a week that I work long hours but my sil said she can do it (she’s a dog walker and groomer)
@Falkor @HotesTilaire @Emmapism @MaineCoonMama I have chosen this thread from the past to ask about how you feel about f&d at the moment? While I do have sympathy I feel like something is 'off'. I don't know. I think you know what I'm referring to but I am for obvious reasons being a bit oblique.
I think we're not getting accurate facts, but that it is their genuinely-held perception of the situation. It's a difficult one.
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