Alice J-T #4 Grandad and Conman are in the past, can we not tattoo the next guy’s name as

Has she banned that poster who made the (very sensible) comment that she left Amsterdam to be with her children?

How do you know what she’s doing with her daughter?
Not much if instagram is anything to go by

Given how medically fragile her daughter is, I can’t believe she’s being so flippant
“I can’t believe it”.
Let’s be honest - it’s not hard to believe it, is it?!


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So, Alice does #bekind only apply to us?
and it looks like the Twitter user she has named has no idea who she is and doesn’t use forums? So she’s publicly setting her loyal followers on an innocent person. Nice, real nice. That is far more akin to bullying than this forum in my opinion.

FFS Alice. Get over yourself. The reason forums like this exist isn’t because we’re all jealous bitches, it’s because “influencers” and wannabes like you block us the minute we give you some valid criticism or point out something you don’t like. That’s fair enough, if you don’t want our comments on your social media. But you can’t block us and our opinions from the internet completely.