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  1. skronkywildcat

    Alice J-T #6

    She’s still pregnant, she’s still insufferable. last thread recap - holidays, moaning, sharing her tween daughter’s tiktok account. A boring nursery reveal. what else?
  2. Oohthedrama

    Alicej_t #5

    New thread
  3. Ellabella

    Alice J-T judge-talbot JT #4

    Thanks to @Homesweethomesweethome for thread title.
  4. Ellabella

    Alice j_t #3 Never mind Slay, Alice is having a long lunch and throwing her "business" away

    New thread, thank you @leoparddolly for title suggestion.
  5. Ellabella

    Alicej_t #2 Yesterday utter disarray but hey at least I've now got a fiance - Slay!

    New thread, I think we are going to have a lot to talk about!
  6. F


    I quite liked her but seeing her post today saying unless we pay her £500 she doesn’t owe us anything just had me open mouthed. Because people are interested in her life and asking questions, don’t post your life on social media if you don’t want people commenting on it hun.