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Wow. I can't believe it has been 18 years since 9/11. It honestly feels like it happened yesterday, I remember it so clearly.
I was in Primary 5 and went to my gran's after school and she had the news on. My mum and I went to Tesco and they had the TVs on and that was when one of the towers collapsed.

I have said to my SO before, that I am so glad social media / live streaming / wifi on planes wasn't around when it happened. What would have come out from the towers and planes would have been horrifying.

Sending love to anyone who is personally affected.
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Yes I remember, just started year 8, walked in the door (my mum was upstairs) and the first collapse happened shortly after. We had a big talk about it from the teachers at school as it was the first major terrorist attack we knew about.

I have a couple of friends who were affected, love to anyone affected.
It feels like it only happened yesterday. Our head teacher called the whole school together and spoke about how at the worst moments we have to do good then dismissed the upper years early. I got home just as the first tower collapsed. We’d spent a lot of time in NY and I can just remember crying. My dad lost 2 friends that he went to school with that day.
I was truly shocked when I read that it was 18 years ago...it does only seem like a few years since it happened x