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  1. notSUBmissive

    WhatLauraLoves #6 Lies and can’t sing, sells puppies for the ka-ching 🤑

    This title won by a huge majority as its v funny and v accurate... Well done @rubyred66. Recap - Laura went on TV to show more of her famous lying skills, by showing the nation her fake singing skills. She made herself up to look like a huge bride of chucky for some strange reason? Laura...
  2. notSUBmissive

    WhatLauraLoves #5 She likes to insinuate that she’s always flying but the reality is she is always lying

    Congratulations to @Skinny who got the most votes for the new thread. Had to edit it slightly to make it fit. The last thread was all about Laura and her lies, Laura and her abysmal fashion choices, her holidays where NONE of her friends wanted to be photographed with her and reems of posts...
  3. notSUBmissive

    WhatLauraLoves #4 WhatLauraFakes

    Thanks to Bagpuss7 for the title suggestion. 👏 Laura spent the last thread lying... Lying comes very naturally to Laura. Laura says she wants to keep her private life separate but tells her followers all about her private life in the same breath. She doesn't mention the fiance Al so she can...
  4. notSUBmissive

    WhatLauraLoves #3 Liar Liar Laura's super stretched pants are on fire!

    Congratulations to @obviously.... who got over 23 votes... Laura has lied her way through another thread... She continues to wear utterly ridiculous plus size clothes that don't fit her and therefore don't help anyone BUT when she goes out to socialise she wears baggy floaty tops that cover...
  5. Chip1984

    Whatlauraloves #2

    New thread. Well done to @loolabelle for the most likes on her title suggestion! Update on last thread (please feel free to add!): -Laura is constantly trying to flog crap to her 14 followers who watch her lives, including the catpiss perfume from her scammy MLM scheme. -She has a deal with...
  6. T


    Anyone follow her!? What's your thoughts I'm all for her positive vibes but something strikes me as to - shes not all that genuine? She can be pretty bitchy to people's genuine questions