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  1. TwinsandMe #8 Tears, Fears, Julie just wants some beers!

    Thread #8 on Julie Haynes a.k.a TwinsandMe, many thanks to Mamaof1xo for the fantastic thread title
  2. TwinsandMe #7 - 2 much botox in this donkey, Face 2 shiny, brows 2 wonky.

    Thread #7 about Julie Haynes a.k.a Twinsandme Well done to idontevengohere for the title with most likes, I had to tweak the title a bit to make it fit
  3. Twinsandme #6 bawling potatoes and heroes onsong, each word she spells just comes out wrong

    Thread # on Julie Haynes aka Twinsandme Well done to MojitoMel for the title with most likes
  4. Twinsandme #5 Julie claims she's broke, she has no bloke, will the twins shed be Revoked?

    New thread for Julie Haynes aka twinsandme, thank you to Maydm for the title, it was tied with Buddha's one for the most likes but I couldn't get it to fit
  5. Twinsandme #4 Jules is a joke, Lies she’s broke, Poor twins are bate from smoke

    4th thread on twinsandme aka Julie Haynes, well done Low&behold for the amazing title😁😁
  6. Twinsandme #3 Julie's spreading lies and cutting ties, afraid of cock but loves to block

    Can't believe we're on thread 3 for Julie Haynes a.k.a twins and me, hope the thread title is ok, I merged the top 2 most liked Recap of thread 2 Julie still has no regard for others and is not social distancing at all, she was down in Shannens ( big c and me) house just before she announced...
  7. TwinsandMe #2 too important to socially distance, for a bag of sweets my family will dance

    Second thread on Twinsandme aka Julie Haynes
  8. Twins and me

    Does anyone follow Julie twins and me. I love her and her family. Her dad is so funny. She is from Cork she has twins a boy and girl aged 2. Single mammy she had it hard there for awhile. She seems to be getting things under control. She is very honest
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