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  1. Bidscavan

    Twinsandme #71 Copying Sarah Burke's new fringe look, a see-through top to try catch Johnny on her hook

    Congratulations to @Alucia on the winning thread title 🥳🥳🥳 News from last thread Not a lot happened. It would of been more exciting watching paint dry a lot of the time. Julie got the hair cut and coloured. The fringe looks like 💩 and the colour is not much better but shur when it's a freebie...
  2. Bidscavan

    Twinsandme #70 Schlongs, thongs, free bird song, avoids her kids all week long

    Congratulations to @TeaAndABun on the winning thread suggestion🥳🥳🥳 Quick recap of last thread. Started off with a live show in Cork celebrating Little Womens Christmas as Jools calls it. Looked like a shit night to be fair. There was a sax player, some strippers wrapped in irish flags, Jools...
  3. Bidscavan

    Twinsandme #69 Droopie droolie and her 3 chins, all she wants is to be rid of her twins

    Congratulations to @instanotfamous on the winning thread title🥳🥳🥳🥳 Quick recap of last thread Sean got the keys to his house. Himself and Joolie were on listing what he needs to get. The begging list included flooring, furniture, kettle, washing machine and a fridge which no doubt will be a...
  4. Bidscavan

    Twinsandme #68 the dragged up pair! A witch and a thug and a mum with no hair

    Congratulations to @TeaAndABun on the winning thread suggestion🥳🥳🥳 Just adding this here courtesy of @TeaAndABun also. Boo hoo I miss my dad.. Now you're looking! Here's an Ad! Sniff Sniff..A fat robin on my tree And another fat robber underneath it (me) Sniff Sniff I'm a charity dancer To...
  5. Bidscavan

    Twinsandme #67 Bperfect think she's a cracker. We all know she's just a filthy knacker

    Congratulations to @Sureitsonlyme for the winning thread suggestion🥳🥳 Recap of last thread Julie took part in Strictly in Carraigaline. There was no mention of it after nor any congratulatory messages to the winners. There was a night out to announce how much was raised but there was no sign...
  6. A

    Twinsandme #66 Julie giving Bernard Casey a run for his money with her new chompers!!

    Title courtesy of @Transparency 🎉🥳 Can somebody do a quick recap of the last thread
  7. Bidscavan

    Twinsandme #65 Julie can we ask you equestrian? Were you born with it or maybe it’s neighbelline?

    Congratulations to @ahtisyourself on the winning thread suggestion🥳🥳🥳🥳 Recap of last thread The last thread can best be summed up in one word .... TEETH. Joolie went to Liverpool to get her teeth done. Only got her top ones done which is maybe just as well because the poor people of...
  8. Bidscavan

    Twinsandme #64 Tattle sees me rollin, they hatin, Patrol lim' and tryna catch me ridin dirty.

    Congratulations to @Bellatrix#7 on the winning thread title🥳🥳 Quick recap of last thread Would be more exciting watching paint dry than watching our Jools lately. Same old shit going on. Plenty of undeclared ads and games of spot the SP /BA/AD. Flogging debloating tablets and using filters...
  9. Bidscavan

    Twinsandme #63 Gypsy Droo-Lee was headlining EP, she nearly missed her set as she was dying for a PEE.

    Congratulations to @Bellatrix#7 on the winning thread title🥳🥳🥳 Quick recap of last thread Joolie and Brenda sold out the Oprah House with their podcast. Well they say sold out but probably gave freebies to every Tom , Dick and Harry in their families to make it look good. Judging by the videos...
  10. Bidscavan

    Twinsandme #62 The Banshees of Garryvoe-van

    Congrats @Lollyloulou on the winning thread title🥳🥳🥳 Quick recap of last thread Joolie and Wanchor went to the Galway Races for a couple of days. Joolie had her dress and headpiece specially made for Ladies Day. Let's just say her outfits didn't suit her and made her look about 90. She didn't...
  11. Bidscavan

    Twinsandme #61 New fella scarpered after the ride, now she's looking like mother of the bride

    Congrats to @Lollyloulou for the winning thread title suggestion 🥳🥳🥳 Recap of last thread. Joolies fella is gone. Well that's if he ever existed of course and wasn't just made up for pod content. According to Joolie one of the people in her circle put the kibosh on it. They set up a fake page...
  12. Bidscavan

    Twinsandme #60 Julie Haynes had a Limerick sexcation in her imagination

    Congrats to @Alucia on the winning thread title🥳🥳 Quick recap of last thread Same old same old! Nights away, podcast recordings, ads, feck all sign of the twinnies and a lot of use of filters. Joolie still doing Strictly Carraigaline but rehearsals have finished for the summer. Her bestie...
  13. Beavana

    Twinsandme #59 ascared to eat in front of a lad but unprotected sex with a stranger is not as bad

    Congrats @#transparency 😂 New thread for Droolie 🤤🤤🤤🤤 hopefully can continue on without the stupid bickering 😴😴🥱🥱🥱
  14. Bidscavan

    Twinsandme #58 Broke her toe to get out of the show, left one, right one no one knows!

    Congrats to @teeteebee on the winning thread title🥳🥳🥳 Quick Recap😀 As per thread title Joolie broke her toe after falling over her feet but which foot it was or how many toes is anyones guess. Missed a week of her dancing rehearsal due to said toe or so she says. More likely it was to do with...
  15. Bidscavan

    Twinsandme #57 Droopy Droolie went on a sesh, poor little thorn missed her Feis

    Congrats to @Shanto for suggesting the winning thread title 🥳🥳🥳 Recap ER had a feis Sunday so mother of the year decided it'd be great to go a bottomless brunch on Saturday and out that night. Cue the stories Sunday morning about not been up in time to bring her and the woe is me stories about...
  16. Bidscavan

    Twinsandme #56 Septic gusset and loves to discuss it

    Congrats to @TeaAndABun on the winning thread title🥳🥳🥳 Quick recap Julie Haynes aka twins and me showed us in the last thread what an absolute scumbag of a mother she is. She was in Galway for a hen and according to her she got a shag and then had to go chemist the following morning for...
  17. Bidscavan

    Twinsandme #55 Julie Julie still Chins and me, the Lipo didn’t work but neither does she

    Congrats to @instanotfamous on the winning thread title🥳🥳🥳 Quick recap Mejoolie was away with the twinnies and the merry widow in Spain. Mary Poppins hadn't a patch on our Joolie while she was away. No swearing , no drinking , no late nights , plenty of kids club, bingo and sitting by the pool...
  18. Bidscavan

    Twinsandme #54 Julie Haynes self-confessed Dunnes Stores thief, media lawyers if you cause any grief.

    Congratulations to @#transparency on the winning thread title🥳🥳🥳 Last thread flew by. Joolie was away in Kilkenny just before Easter with the twinnies and the merry widow courtesy of Discover Ireland. The poor kids didn't know which way was up with the amount of activities (freebies) that were...
  19. Bidscavan

    Twinsandme #53 Droolius Caesar takes Kilkenny, with air in rows, fuinneog and the widow merry!

    Congrats to @teeteebee on the winning thread title🥳🥳🥳 Very quick recap as it same old same old with Droolie. Nights out, gifted trips away, the worlds worst podcast, plenty of ads, made up stories, tiktoks, dirty house, passport questions etc etc. Joolie has been to Turkey for eye and neck...
  20. Beavana

    Twinsandme #52 JuLie is in Rome, after her botched procedure, going around looking like Droolius Caesar

    @Bobs86 & @teeteebee combined effort for Droolie 😂😂🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
  21. TeaAndABun

    Twins and me #51 Zaro pain, zaro difference!

    @teeteebee Well done,rightly deserves 👏 Well Tattlers! To summarise! Julie and the not at all odd and sinister manager decided to support the multiple thousands crushed to death in Turkey by jetting out for some Aldi basement bargain butchering.No one knows exactly what Julie-stein got done,we...
  22. Bidscavan

    Twins and me #50 Win this amazing gift! (and pay for my face lift)

    Congrats @TeaAndABun for the winning title🥳🥳🥳 The last thread started with Joolie buying some furniture. I say buying but it was more likely an ad and she got it for free/ discounted or bought nowt at all. The kiddies went missing along the way.Whether it was to Monaghan or Mammy Haynes no-one...
  23. Bidscavan

    Twins and me #49 Win a Fake Louis, baby bowls not chewy, face is kind of Moo-y

    Congrats to @TeaAndABun on the winning title🎉🎉 Quick recap of last thread Must have seen every panto in Cork or it felt like it anyways. Joolie renewing passports and making wills but can't just do it quietly without any dramas. Worried about opening bills but can afford to be out drinking...
  24. Bidscavan

    Twins and me #48 Ju-lie pathological liar

    Thanks to @#transparency for the winning thread title🥳🥳🥳 Quick recap Starting the new year much same way as the old one finished with ads, alcohol, twins, tiktoks , podcast and Joolie on the toilet. Joolie still the only single parent in Ireland and does it all on her own too apparently with no...
  25. Bidscavan

    Twins and me #47 Teeth like a mare, kids should be in care, lives in a filthy lair

    Congrats to @TeaAndABun on the winning thread title🥳🥳 QUICK RECAP Same shite different day with our Joolie. Still the only single mum in the whole of Ireland and she's doing it all with no help according to her. But shur we all know that's not true the woman is never home and the twinnies seem...