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  1. Idrisrex

    Tiffany Thinks #19

    New round, new opportunities to make it even more bizarre.
  2. Daisychain4

    Tiffany Thinks #18

    Off into 2023 we go … Well it would literally take a ‘man of few words’ to give a recap on our Tiffany … there really isn’t anything to add. I wonder if there ever will be? 🤔
  3. Idrisrex

    Tiffany thinks #17

    And on, on, on we go.
  4. Daisychain4

    Tiffany Thinks #16 🎄🎄🎄

    HO HO HO 🎄🎄🎄 Let’s go …
  5. Daisychain4

    Tiffany Thinks #15

    Off we go …
  6. suzeq

    Tiffany Thinks #14

    Carry on posting a lot a lot...
  7. OH.FFS

    Tiffany Thinks #13

    Follow on thread. Enjoy chatting.
  8. Idrisrex

    Tiffany Thinks #12

    And another one bites the dust.
  9. OH.FFS

    Tiffany Thinks #11

    Carry on chatting.
  10. Idrisrex

    Tiffany Thinks #10

    Long overdue, but a new fresh thread to rant.
  11. Villanelly

    Tiffany Thinks #9

    Hope you all manage to find this thread, the old one was locked so I couldn’t link.
  12. Idrisrex

    Tiffany Thinks #8

    Keep on writing!
  13. BettyCrockerr

    Tiffany Thinks #7

    Thread number 7 as you were….
  14. OH.FFS

    TiffanyThinks #6

    Carry on chatting.
  15. OH.FFS

    TiffanyThinks #5

    New TiffantThinks thread. Carry on chatting … Mod edit, stop derailing and unnecessarily scaremongering about a title. If you have any concerns report or post in site support rather than keep posting that you don't like title A that says she hookwinks or title B that says she needs a shrink.
  16. D

    TiffanyThinks #4 TiffanyDrinks

    Thread title by @ginnyw Mod edit : all thread titles need to start with the username so people know who it's about. Updated to the most liked as combining 4 title suggestions is messy and some only had 2 votes.
  17. D

    TiffanyThinks #3

    Please continue here.
  18. P

    TiffanyThinks #2

    ... Continue
  19. P


    I decided to start this thread as I think she needs one of her own. I am not sure what to think about her. Her situation is certainly not making a lot of sense.
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