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  1. tellmewhy

    Taylor Swift #27 Ratatatatatatata

    Thread number 27! Title by @emerald. The 27 second phone call from Joe Jonas breaking up with Taylor also deserves a shoutout here. Suggested by @Folkevermore We all went on a tattle trip to clown town and was left with no explanation or reputation tv. Just a lot of people scraping through a...
  2. emerald

    Taylor Swift #26 She’s cheer captain and I’m Christ the redeemer

    Title from @foolishone Recap: Two new dates added to the tour in London in August. The tour is currently in Rio De Janeiro. A fan, Ana Clara, sadly died at the show last night due the unsafe conditions (too hot, no water allowed in the venue). May she rest in peace.
  3. emerald

    Taylor Swift #25 years old, how were you to know?

    We have to start thinking of original thread titles next time, sad. Recap: Taylor is currently performing the Eras tour in Argentina. One show was rescheduled due to a huge storm. Last night involved an OOTW/Is It Over Now? Medley... and "karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to...
  4. emerald

    Taylor Swift #24 Four down, two to go. Just her rep and her name to get back

    Title by @Tiggerhappy Recap: Happy 1989 TV day. Is something else coming? Who knows. 🤡 Taylor has been confirmed as a billionaire today.
  5. emerald

    Taylor Swift #23 She's still (thread) 23 inside her fantasy

    Well, the title could only be one thing. Recap: Eras tour in cinemas now. 1989TV is NEXT WEEK! Taylor and Travis Kelce have appeared to have hard launched as they were papped holding hands. ETA: does anyone know if there's a reference to 24 in her lyrics 😂 thread 25 has got to be "25 years...
  6. emerald

    Taylor Swift #22 I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling (thread) 22

    Title by @Polkadot123 Recap: Eras tour film is going to be shown worldwide. As for her personal life, Taylor has been spending plenty of time with NFL player Travis Kelce, including watching him play a game from the VIP box seated next to his mum and then driving off into the sunset after!
  7. emerald

    Taylor Swift #21 it's supposed to be fun turning (thread) 21

    Thread title by @foolishone Recap: Eras concert film is coming to the US. Taylor attended a couple of weddings. VMAs are tonight, possible announcements/Vault scrambles?
  8. emerald

    Taylor Swift #20 stitches in the hospital room

    Title from @Waffleandlies Recap: The first leg of Eras is over and 1989TV is coming in October. Didn't include Wildest Dreams or This Love in the poll since they're already on streaming.
  9. Tiggerhappy

    Taylor Swift #19 (89 TV).. I remember thinking I had you (but AXS wouldn't accept my credit card)

    I had to add the 89 TV part when I realised it was thread 19. Recap... Ticket resales have started and there have been many reports of people being able to find affordable tickets on AXS 🙌:D👍... but then being unable to get them to accept any card :((n). You would honestly think AXS and TM...
  10. Tiggerhappy

    Taylor Swift #18 Now go stand in the corner and think about what you did (ripped us off)

    Thread 18 and most of us (?) have tickets. *VIP prices are being dropped randomly for most venues. *There are rumours of a 2nd US leg. Bitch never stays at home. *Everyone is trying to gatekeep everything (including gatekeeping). *Swiftok is annoying. *Wtf am I gonna wear? And thanks to...
  11. disneys

    Taylor Swift #17 foolish one, stop checking your mailbox for ticket codes that are never gonna come

    New thread !!!! I suggested the title , so well done to me 🤣 Some of us got tickets , some of us survived the Great War , some of us have yet to go into battle … best of luck !
  12. Polkadot123

    Taylor Swift #16 I can’t see you (waitlisted)

    New thread. Well done to @tellmewhy Midnights presale is complete! With lots of lucky tatlers The next sale of tickets is next week. Codes went out yesterday, unfortunately a lot of people were waitlisted. Being a swiftie is hard work!!!
  13. disneys

    Taylor Swift #15 we can’t calm down, we’re going to The Eras Tour!

    NEW THREAD !! YEAH IT’S A WAR , IT’S THE GODDAMN FIGHT OF OUR LIVES BUT … So many of our lovelies got tickets this week , wahhoooo !!! 💜✨ Taylor says … But we can’t calm down, we’re going to the Eras tour ! 😭🥺✨ Fingers crossed for those in Dublin who will enter the Great War on Friday and...
  14. disneys

    Taylor Swift #14 I Can See You (fighting in the ticket queue)

    New thread !!!! SNTV came out but tbh we’re more excited about the fact that some of us got Eras tickets today !!!! ✨✨✨ congrats to those who got tickets ! for those who didn’t , Godspeed for tomorrow 🫡 amazing thread suggestion from @tellmewhy 💜 FREQUENTLY ASKED ERAS QUESTIONS 1) This week...
  15. emerald

    Taylor Swift #13 We're like a moth to the flame, she's holding the matches

    Title from @honkytonkcat It is Speak Now TV day! We all have mixed but mostly positive opinions. Better Than Revenge did get a lyric change after all... Taylor and Matty Healy are possibly back on...? Most of us are waiting to hear back from Ticketmaster UK (on the 14th July) to see if we can...
  16. emerald

    Taylor Swift #12 Will we survive The Great (Ticketmaster) War?

    Title from @Folkevermore Tomorrow our fates are sealed when we get our e-mails saying if we made it on the Ticketmaster sale or not 🫠 Speak Now TV is out this week!
  17. Tiggerhappy

    Taylor Swift #11 Screaming, crying, throwing up

    So Taylor has announced more international eras tour dates and it's fair to say that some of us would sell our firstborns to get our hands on tickets. Some people were wrong about when she would be coming to the UK and Ireland but nobody noticed so all good... Nobody is looking forward to the...
  18. Tiggerhappy

    Taylor Swift #10 It’s truly exhausting always rooting for the anti-hero!

    10th thread... We are rattling through these. He-who-shall-not-be-named is gone, Joe is embarrassed, we're all still a bit confused and Taylor is still touring. More international dates TBA (which may or may not include Dublin this Sept). We're all a bit stressed about getting tickets and the...
  19. jedwad87

    Taylor Swift #9 We did it, Joe

    New thread!! Anyone want to do a recap? Title is thanks to most popular suggestion from @doodlebug - Kamala Harris calling Joe Biden gif lol mini recap: New boyfriend Ratty Healy says awful things, claims it is a bit You’re Losing Me (new Midnights bonus track) is in fact what POC Swifties are...
  20. Polkadot123

    Taylor Swift #8 This thread is about you. You know who you are. I love you.

    Well done @secretyoutubelover And for any newbies, this is not strictly a rave thread. It is mainly Taylor fans, but we will call the bullshit out. Taylor is currently on her ERAS tour in the states. And she may or may not be dating Matty Healy, lead singer if the 1975.
  21. Caffeine Fiend

    Taylor Swift #7 We Think Joe Did It But We Just Can't Prove It

    Shout out to @Waffleandlies for the thread title!
  22. BeautifulTrauma

    Taylor Swift #6 This is us begging (for international tour dates)

    Continuation of the previous thread #5 https://tattle.life/threads/taylor-swift-5-all-fans-wanted-were-tour-tix-not-another-anti-hero-remix.35259/page-51 We are here, Taylor is on tour and smashing it left right and centre! Anyone else want to do a recap?
  23. Polkadot123

    Taylor Swift #5 all fans wanted were tour tix, not another anti-hero remix.

    Thread title by @ginandlipstick Midnights is released. USA struggles to get tickets to the Eras tour When will any other dates be released? Watch this space.
  24. Polkadot123

    Taylor Swift #4 We want your midnights

    There was only a couple thread suggestions and I couldn't get them to fit so just went classic with a little twist. So tour is sort of officially announced. Still waiting on dates and locations. And midnight's is released this week!!!!
  25. Caffeine Fiend

    Taylor Swift #4 Midnights EST, we'll be in our jammies. Why does she need validation from the grammys?

    Thread title from @Tiggerhappy who had the most votes. Old thread here https://tattle.life/threads/taylor-swift-3-she-re-released-red-just-to-break-jake-like-a-promise.24520/