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  1. N

    Taylor Swift #3 She re-released Red just to break Jake like a promise

    Title thread by @disneys (got the most likes). Recap: Taylor re-released RED, the All Too Well ten minute version, a short film, and a music video (which is more than Evermore got šŸ˜‚)
  2. calmyourritas

    Taylor Swift #2 Look What You Made Her Do (Taylor’s Version)

    Thread title from @xoxoxo13 New version of Fearless coming April 9th!
  3. B

    Taylor Swift

    I have been a fan of Taylor since Love Story. I saw her concert last year and it was amazing. The media used to love to call her a serial dater. There's been rumours for years that she is gay and that is why she has never kept a man. All of her boyfriends are apparently beards. She never came...
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