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  1. swipe_up

    Phoebe Court #22 Gardening no longer her favourite task, instead it’s back to the hot dog flask

    Congrats to @MissFlowers for the great thread title Anyone up for doing a recap?
  2. reallyloveagoodgossip

    Phoebe Court #4 Wide hips & crusty nips, I'll tell you where to shove ur money saving tips

    Edited slightly to make it fit, but proud of my very first attempt at posting a thread! Thanks to Virgin Media Fan for the fab new thread title.
  3. S

    Phoebe Court #3 Woe is me, I’m so poor, but have an aga, playground and 2nd floor

    Hopefully done this right - not done one before. And thanks to me 😂 for the thread suggestion.
  4. WhatABore

    Phoebe Court @swfeebs #2 Want a lecture? You're in the right place, brace yourself for a boob in the face

    New thread. @ChubClubThug with 49 votes 😂 Had to edit ever so slightly as it wouldn't fit! I did the dates thing, raspberry leaf tea and perinal massage.. ended up being induced from leaking waters and 3rd degree tear so 🤷🏻‍♀️ I thought it was worth a try 😂
  5. I

    Phoebe Court @swfeebs

    Your wish is my command!