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  1. Swipeupyouguys

    Sophie Milner #5 A forehead reduction, abdominal liposuction, loads of fake tan and a brand new man!

    I hope this is ok. If a mod could do me the great favour of amending the title to correct my spelling boo boo I would be forever in your debt. Our tango princess got dumped by stealth by her New Zeland beau after spending thousands of pounds flying him round the world, buying him unwanted 1k...
  2. Hamburglar

    Sophie Milner #4 Bali again, Henny left with mum, suspicious looking abs have appeared on her tum

    Good work @KarenOG - had to amend slightly to make it fit. Quick recap on thread #3 from me… Tits are still fake Stole toilet roll from a bar bc she’d run out and couldn’t be arsed calling to a shop on the way home Got an amazing New look collab that we haven’t seen her wear outside of the...
  3. Hamburglar

    Sophie Milner #3 You’re a 10, it’s ok hun, return those skims that have been up your bum

    New thread 👏 Well done to @KarenOG for starting the sentence and @Gossipgal00 for finishing it off. Had to tweak slightly to make it fit. During the last thread we have: - Had a nose job - Seen the departure of Jimmayyyy - Had a thread lift 👽 - Had the thread lift dissolved - Worn a pair of...
  4. Hamburglar

    Sophie Milner #2 Brussel sprout farts, flats a tip, finally admits she’s got fake t*ts

    New thread for our fake titty tangoed fave. Congrats @KarenOG on the title 🥳 (had to tweak it slightly to fit!) Anyone want to do the TLDR?!
  5. F

    Sophie Milner (previously Fashion Slave?)

    Going to do the usual prefix here and say that I actually like Sophie's content and the lewks she puts together. HOWEVER I have a very strong suspicion that she lies about what size she buys in clothes and it drives me NUTS. Girl, you're better than that! Anyone else follow her?