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  1. Anyauldnamewilldo

    Sarah Burke #111 Renew me this renew me that, I moved to the south side to a little granny flat.

    The full title wouldn't all fit, but to give it credit here it is " Renew me this renew me that, I moved to the south side to a little granny flat. Keith is with me, Belly & cheese, ask no questions about Lewk please" credit to @I got up at 5am for this beauty of a title.
  2. A

    Sarah Burke #110 1st the tattoo,now la fmailia, stick to the betting slips Teet, she'll always love Brian

    #Collab of some of the most liked posts.. Credit to @Give me Strength and @Stacey10
  3. A

    Sarah Burke #109 Another day another blazer will someone give the runt a razor

    New thread just in time for Twitter Teeth's brother's wedding πŸŽ† πŸ’ƒ credit to @jojoiseeya for the title.
  4. A

    Sarah Burke #108 Slip of the nip, flash of the flap and just like that Sarah’s in a granny flat

    Credit to @Mary Mary for the winning thread title πŸŽ€ πŸŽ‰πŸŽ†
  5. Crones884

    Sarah Burke #107 Keith thinks shes manky out in Salou, Lewk has two sisters even Bet knows it's true

    Seems like a good time to start the new thread and leave the last one be. Any photos of burps in clarney last night outside of the rollers in her hair for dinner 🀒 knowing its not washed
  6. Crones884

    Sarah Burke #106 Off to Salou with her big hairy minge, Will still be down a pound after a 4 day binge

    Once again @Wexy123 has us all knotted. A great time for a new thread, flights at 20 past 1 from Shannon tattlers and those lurking from Barties in Ballyphehane we have a great week ahead πŸ₯³πŸ₯³
  7. Anyauldnamewilldo

    Sarah Burke #105 First we had biden now we have bush, hairy flaps and sagging baps

    Congrats to @#transparency & @Give me Strength for this whopper of a title :ROFLMAO:❀
  8. Anyauldnamewilldo

    Sarah Burke #104 The invites are out, collar bone looks boney she has lost weight on the invites only

    Congrats @Sloppy Foley you've done it again, perfectly summarised, sayrah burp
  9. Anyauldnamewilldo

    Sarah Burke #103 The couch potatoes with teeter couch and flabby clancy

    The clab we never knew we needed! Congrats to @ahtisyourself & @Stacey10 on winning the thread title!
  10. A

    Sarah Burke #102 Keet will be partying,Burp out shopping, don’t worry Sar he won’t get any c's throbbing

    Well done to @Sloppy Foley and @sophiasstories on the new thread title. Had to edit a bit to fit. Just in time for the weekend to see if Keet will get to his brothers stag in Torromelinos 😎😎😎
  11. Anyauldnamewilldo

    Sarah Burke #101 threads on Sarah Burkes life, two kids, no house and still not a wife

    Credit to @Wexy123 for winning the title! Anyone for a recap?!
  12. Anyauldnamewilldo

    Sarah Burke #100 Lewk will be back to 1 dad when Keet is a gonner hes a Buckley not a Burke or an OConnor

    We did it people, Sarah has 100 threads! Massive congrats to @Sloppy Foley for winning the title. Had to shorten it as it wouldn't all fit. This ones for you burp, a nice reminder for ya ;)
  13. A

    Sarah Burke #99 Built like a quarter back, candidate for a heart attack

    Congratulations to @Wexy123 for the winning thread title πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³
  14. Anyauldnamewilldo

    Sarah Burke #98 Sarah is the bride, keet is the groom then they'll head off to her mothers box room

    Congrats @Bobs86 you won the thread title! Had to change it a little to make it fit, hope that's okay :giggle:
  15. #obsssessed

    Sarah Burke #97 Sarah is a prick The end

    @Get off my chest your suggestion was most liked!!
  16. Anyauldnamewilldo

    Sarah Burke #96 Scamming people's money to hold on to Keet Dont you dare comment or she'll block & delete

    Credit to @Wexy123 on the new title! πŸ‘
  17. Anyauldnamewilldo

    Sarah Burke #95 700 calorie breakfasts, 12 weeks post Belly still looks like she's due

    Congrats to @Moondrop & @NoseyWagon22 on the new title! πŸ‘ Recap anyone?
  18. shiv6482

    Sarah Burke #94 Christmas has passed. Sarah still has a huge fat ass

    Well done to @Give me Strength for the new title πŸ‘πŸ‘
  19. A

    Sarah Burke #93 No surprise wedding cause Keet has a plan, there's no way he's marrying the Michelin man

    Well done to @Wexy123 on the winning thread title πŸ’₯
  20. A

    Sarah Burke #92 Ming the Meticulous and the Fastway Fiasco

    Winning thread title goes to @Anyauldnamewilldo ✨πŸ₯³ new thread following on from Burps crazy eyebrows thread, the fastway/asos rant and ahead on instabellys christening this weekend, can't wait to see the size 22 cream embellished dress..
  21. A

    Sarah Burke #91 Obsessssed with her girl, forgot about her boy, took great pleasure in selling his toys

    Well done to @Wexy123 on the winning thread title.
  22. Crones884

    Sarah Burke #90 On her hospidays coz she let her scar decay, BeSt DaD Teet is smuggling in takeaway

    Well done @CΓ‘ca_Milis πŸ‘ as you were boodiful badadoes 🫑
  23. Anyauldnamewilldo

    Sarah Burke #89 No house, no job, engaged to a slob. Countless chins underneath her gob

    Jaysus we're flying through these threads. Credit to @Wexy123 for yet another banger of a title. I really don't think we need a recap, but if you want go for it! The neck of this geebag to start the pcos talk again, now silkproshiteee have offered her another sponcon :rolleyes:
  24. Crones884

    Sarah Burke #88 It won't be long until Keet is a gonner She'll never get to be Sarah O Connor

    With a grand total of 99 likes well done @Wexy123 and just in time for the new wedding announcement πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³
  25. A

    Sarah Burke #87 Burps taking the piss pretending little miss is Luke’s first sis

    Winning thread by @nasa5 Previous thread.. Sarah Burke #86 The baby is Isabella The bump Isabelly | Tattle Life Can somebody do a quick recap please πŸ₯΄