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Sarah Jean Burke (September 3, 1982 – January 19, 2012) was a Canadian freestyle skier who was a pioneer of the superpipe event. She was a five-time Winter X Games gold medallist, and won the world championship in the halfpipe in 2005. She successfully lobbied the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to have the event added to the Olympic program for the 2014 Winter Olympics. She was considered a medal favourite in the event. Burke died following a training accident in Utah in 2012.

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  1. A

    Sarah Burke #59 Look Keeet, I’ve the venue booked, you’ve less time to run now kid, you’re fooked!

    Well done to @Bobs86 on the new thread title with the most likes 🥳 Thread #59 loaded and ready to go in anticipation for the big wedding date reveal this weekend :sleep:
  2. A

    Sarah Burke #58 MMXII a ham like no other!

    Thank you to @silentlurkersjourney😂 myself and @Julyrain for the winning thread title. Burp is still busy organising getting organised 🙈
  3. A

    Sarah Burke #57 Baby lost, sparkler gained, we now know ham head is insane to marry his 90 cyst fiancee

    Last minute #clab thanks to all @bananasplit88 @nannyg @MindyLahiri @ahtisyourself and @WtfInsta Will post full suggestions here also 🙈
  4. A

    Sarah Burke #56 Trying to become a digital creator, while having the looks of a raw potato

    Winning thread title goes to @WtfInsta 🤩🥳 Had to shorten the full suggestion, the original was.. "trying to become a digital creator, while having the looks of a raw potato, pretending to look at sights but really downing pints, in beddys compression tights" Another new thread and Luke is away...
  5. A

    Sarah Burke #55 It's me, hi, I'm the problem it's me. Not Keet's side, Therapie agree

    Winning thread title #collab between @taylorswift, @Resu Eman and @cycleon
  6. Beavana

    Sarah Burke #54 Not a tear in sight, her eyes are drier than my fanny at the thought of shagging keet

    New thread time before we get some shite this morning for big back 😂 @Thechubbymoaner 👏😂😂
  7. A

    Sarah Burke #53 Gone from the job, she'll sell us her soul, drive it on Burps, its time for the dole

    Thank you to @MojitoMel for the winning thread title. Thread #53 already, following on from the not so breaking news Burp has resigned from Slimming World. She left with her head held high 😜
  8. A

    Sarah Burke #52 protractor for her lips, gilet won’t zip, back to just being, would you like a keyring

    Thank you to @Gym+coffee for the winning thread. Had to amend a bit to fit. Picture of the protractor for attention 🙈
  9. Yel

    Sarah Burke #51 All she wants is undivided attention, what she really needs is an intervention!

    This thread is not about you. If you find a comment unacceptable report it for mods to deal with. Attempting to moderate or tone police is against the rules (for very good reasons). Anyone unsure of the rules:
  10. Crones884

    Sarah Burke #50 Long time lurker, missing Burker

    Well done @cycleon. As you were ☺️
  11. Beavana

    Sarah Burke #48 Lying lump of lashes, pillows for lips, HG for attention, 90 missing cysts

    My girl @MojitoMel @Ya will yeah combo 😂 new thread for the painful lying tramp and the sickening bigot dickhead
  12. Beavana

    Sarah Burke #47 Think she lied about IVF/insemination, but be careful or she will have me for defamation

    @WtfInsta had to edit a bit to fit 😂 Continue 🍿🍿
  13. Beavana

    Sarah Burke #46 I’d say it’s not the first time that Keet was up for only 33 seconds

    Time for new thread. Love this from @ahtisyourself 😂😂 Anyone want to do a quick recap for this dope of a wan 🤦‍♀️
  14. caramelsq

    Sarah Burke #45 I’m Sarah Burp, with the big back. No need for a bra to hold up this rack!

    New thread! Well done @Bobs86 !!!
  15. Crones884

    Sarah Burke #44

    Before the old thread gets closed. Searched and actually @Beans.means.. was the highest i could see Mod edit you can't have swear words in titles, even if it's censored. The title didn't really say anything other can calling her a lying c word. Is there a proper one to use?
  16. Crones884

    Sarah Burke #43 q&a with keet the briar, too busy talking shite to clean the air fryer

    Well done @Mrs.Doyle22 on your title. As you were ☺️
  17. dddddddddddd

    Sarah Burke #42 Sarah Burp, she got 99 problems and a cyst ain’t one

    Credit to @Bobs86 for the title! I wonder what this thread number 42 will bring for Corks most famous slimming world consultant I am no good at recaps so I will leave that to ye tatlers
  18. Crones884

    Sarah Burke #41 fitandfab to jabintheflab

    Thanks to @JustAnotherFollower . Apologies if i messed up its my first time!!
  19. irishjen

    Sarah Burke #40 wobbly, insufferable runt

    Thanks to @Jellybb for the title...carry on
  20. F

    Sarah Burke #38 They’re gone girl. The gripping mystery of the 99 cysts that vanished without a trace

    My first time trying this, apologies if it’s wrong. Thanks to @ahtisyourself for one of her many book suggestions/thread titles lol.
  21. G

    Sarah Burke #37 Jealous of Brian’s new baby daughter she tells KOC to say Luke I am your father

    New thread title courtesy of @ahtisyourself
  22. A

    Sarah Burke #36 No ring in New Yark, back to Cark, my bubble has burst, give me a pint for my thirst

    Well done to @ahtisyourself for the winning thread title and most liked post. Previous thread. Sarah Burke #35 Sarah Burke went to nuuu yark Very far from caark, Luke’s having a ball haven’t seen him | Tattle Life...
  23. P

    Sarah Burke #35 Sarah Burke went to nuuu yark Very far from caark, Luke’s having a ball haven’t seen him

    Thanks to @itsnotmeitsyouok for the thread title.
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