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  1. Ryan80

    Rachel Leary #3 Dying to be thin, photoshops the chin(s), wants to be Hannah's twin

    New thread. Thanks to @Binx for the thread title. Anyone wish to complete a summary?????????????
  2. Kindred_

    Rachel Leary #2 Peanut butter tan, facetune fan, oily doughnuts flashed on Instagram

    Second thread for our favourite peanut butter babe! Joint effort from myself and @Glitter&G1n I have to credit @secretsunloaded for blessing us with the phrase oily donuts and @KYLIE for peanut butter tan! So Rach has moved apartments and instantly cluttered it with shite. She posted a photo...
  3. KYLIE

    Rachel Leary

    Thought I'd start the thread as her peanut butter tan is one of the worst things I have ever seen and she would look much prettier without it, her hands are always crusty and disgusting. She looks horrendous and always cakes herself in layers and layers of high coverage foundation. And on her...