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  1. kale-supremacist

    MAFS Australia season 11 (Australian pace) #1 oh s... here we go again

    Happy new season everyone !! The first episode aired yesterday. I looked for a new thread, but there isn't one. For the UK readers who clicked on the thread by mistake: THIS IS GOING TO BE ON AUSTRALIAN PACE BEWARE OF SPOILERS
  2. fishyfishfish

    Married At First Sight #18

    The series is over but the threads just keep coming! Recap: Laura keeps calling herself the 4th expert despite saying literally nothing helpful....which makes her a perfect expert Shona and Matt are now a couple Paul and Tasha are still together and there's been no 'big twist' Peggy and Georges...
  3. fishyfishfish

    Married At First Sight #17 You’ve helped me realise what I don’t want

    There were no thread title noms on the first 2 most like pages so I went with Laura’s shady line because it represents how we all feel about MAFS right now. We’re on the reunion and it was filmed 6 weeks after vowel renewals and Arthur is wearing a vest x
  4. gimm3more

    Married At First Sight UK #16

    new thread ready for tonight/this week No fighting here pls x Mod edit swear words aren't allowed in titles, said for about the 3'000th time...
  5. gimm3more

    Married at First Sight #15

    Title says it all and had the most votes Ty @chickenlittle367 mod edit: These types of thread title are discouraged. All - enough with the thread fighting. Don’t post if it’s just to be aggro.
  6. gimm3more

    Married At First Sight UK #14 We cba anymore

    Thanks for the winning thread title - I can’t remember the username but the profile pic is a white and ginger cat. Title sums it up really. Nearly there guys for the last few weeks!!
  7. fishyfishfish

    Married at First Sight UK #13 Mark's alright, Luke picked a fight, someone free Georges from Mrs UPTIGHT!

    My first thread so I've probs ballsed it up! Recap: Ella has chilled out (for now) Luke has done the opposite and got into a cat fight with wish grealish Most of the cast have been MIA whilst the producers have been stirring drama Laura got a dose of truth about how she's been treating Arthur...
  8. M

    Married at First Sight Uk #12 We’re just here for the snacks! Ella is back in and coupled with JJ *yawn* Nathanial and Bianca are gone. Series seems a bit too obviously contrived this time round!
  9. Perspicacia Tick

    Married at First Sight Uk #11 ‘What in the Shakespeare play is going on this season?’

    Ella and JJ (and Bianca and Nathaniel) are gone... Luke is a grade A fucknugget. GeorgeS and Mark are working some weird sorcery that makes us like them 😳 Onward....
  10. potatopotato2988

    Married at First Sight UK #10 Tasha's calling everyone a tramp, Ella's creeping with her prowly hands

    I PANICKED Ya snooze ya lose Thanks to @Pippiehead for the thread title suggestion, ya tramp Previous thread:
  11. M

    Married at First Sight UK #9 Bradley Namaste away from me

    Please put anything that hasn’t been shown on TV yet behind a spoiler More weddings/intruders this week but what we are all waiting for is the dinner party which inevitably will be Thursdays episode Credit to @Dancing_in_the_dark for the thread title (had to remove the sweary bit!)
  12. Perspicacia Tick

    Married at First Sight UK #8 Your targeted ads are going to be wild!! - No spoilers.

    As you were. There are many people in the friend zone. GeorgeS will call you out in French. This is the longest Ella has gone without intimacy.
  13. P

    Married at first sight Uk #7 Brads a walking red flag and Ella's only there for a shag

    As you were. All spoilers behind a spoiler tag please! --- Mod edit remember to link to the new thread, report to get the old thread and create the thread title with the right title and the right number. If you need to contact a mod hit report, chatting about it here no one will see.
  14. H

    Married at First Sight UK #6 use spoilers plz

    Thanks to @Howdy and others who kindly ask that spoilers are tagged or put behind a spoiler tab! Previous below
  15. aimzalicious

    Married at First Sight UK #5 Terrence treats Porscha with distain, whilst Brad's after anal. What a pain!

    NO SPOILERS - sorry couldn't fit it in the thread title Continue hating on Brad here 🙏🏻 Thread title by @Mavvers
  16. aimzalicious

    Married at First Sight UK #4 I'd do anything for a finger but I don’t want your spoon

    Thread title by @Eeeww David! Continue here ♥
  17. D

    Married at First Sight UK #3 ‘Up your effing b*ll*cks you are!’

    Continue here - please put all social media stories and press articles behind spoilers in respect of members who avoid series spoilers - thanks. previous thread
  18. aimzalicious

    Married At First Sight UK #2 Ella got what she ordered, Liz Truss just finds it awkward

    I changed the thread title to number 2 so it's clear that it's a new series, and the thread title from @CrackingOwlSanctuary Here's the image that @Diagnosis123 posted to help with names:
  19. houseofhoop

    Married at First Sight #19 a new one is on the way!

    New thread for a new series!
  20. Turmeric123

    MAFS Australia season 10 (E4 pace) #16 Moreman has a CHIALLLD & We LOVE a BUTT DIAL….

    Thanks to @G&Tjustforme for suggestion Anyone like to recap
  21. S

    MAFS Australia season 10 (E4 pace) #15 Do you want a tissue?

    Final commitment ceremony.... Last night Mel and Layton committed to stay with each and try make it work. Alyssa professed her willingness to help Duncan but he refused and left her high and dry! Tonight's commitment ceremonies are Cam & Lyndall, Tahnee & Ollie, and Rupert & Evelyn!
  22. Webster1357

    MAFS Australia season 10 (E4 pace) #14 Alyssa has a Chaaald, Cam prefers kissin' fish in the wild

    Ah feck it, I'm doing it! Thread number 14 folks, thanks to @EnoughAlready for the excellent suggestion! As we're not mid-episode there's even time for a recap! We're at Homestay: Cam still doesn't enjoy kissing Lindor so she had to pucker up with a fish, she hates Darwin, he hates the city...
  23. Webster1357

    MAFS Australia season 10 (E4 pace) #13 Bronte's DONE!!

    I've only gone and done it! Old thread here: Continue Sheila's and Bruce's!
  24. FenellaTheWitch

    MAFS Australia season 10 (E4 pace) #12 Bronte would definitely drink the Kool-Aid

    Carry on folks ... Thread moves to fast for an update :ROFLMAO:
  25. aimzalicious

    MAFS Australia season 10 (E4 pace) #11 Too much he said/she said, the question is will Jesse and Claire sh*g?

    Previous thread here: Sorry I couldnt think of/find another title! Couples retreat recap so far: Harrison reaches final boss-level troll mode and...