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Lydia-Rose Bright is an English television personality. She is best known for starring in the ITVBe reality television series The Only Way Is Essex. In 2016, she took part in Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls. In February and March 2017, she took part in the fourth series of Channel 4 reality series The Jump.In 2017, Bright took part in a celebrity version of The Crystal Maze, which aired on 23 June.Bright was the subject of media ridicule following her appearance on BBC's Celebrity Mastermind in 2018, scoring just 6 points on her specialist subject of Sex and the City, and 2 points in the two minute General Knowledge round. She took part in Celebrity Haunted Mansion in February 2018.
On 21 February 2020, Lydia gave birth to her first child a girl named Loretta Rose.

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    Old thread here: Lydia Bright #3 Only single parent to have walked on this planet apparently | Tattle Life I couldn't find any thread suggestions so I took the liberty of using this quote from @dontcome@me as I think it sums things up perfectly! Hope you don't mind! Please continue,
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    Lydia Bright #3 Only single parent to have walked on this planet apparently

    A new thread in honour of Lydia giving her 2 year old a dummy for the first time as she ‘follows her own parenting rules’ Title from @watermelon sugar
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    Lydia Bright #2 Lydia, Lydia not so bright, moans when the baby is up in the night

    Thread number 2 on the girl who can sell everything and leave her baby everyday to go to the spa... then takes her to the salon and leaves her on the changing room floor when shopping
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