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  1. S

    Erin - #4

    Carry on tattlers! Also yes this is meant to be #4 but I mucked up 😂😂😩😩
  2. S

    Erin - Little.Lulu.Love #3

    Continue everyone! To recap: Erin did a Q&A last night.. the following things were discussed 1. Lu’s condition either (in her opinion) originated from her 6 week vaccinations or birth trauma. Not bad luck. She flip/flops what she thinks depending on the day 2. Their new two story house has...
  3. Michy02

    Erin - Little.Lulu.Love #2

    Erin - Little.Lulu.Love Thread #2
  4. Michy02

    Erin - Little.Lulu.Love

    I've hesitated making this one several times but it seems Erin has upset a lot of people lately and there is a fair bit to talk about.