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  1. LittleMissMuffet

    Just A Little Build #3 Smugfest 2021

    Hi all! Thought I’d set up a new thread as we got wayyyyy past 52 pages! I haven’t been following too closely so please feel free to add a summary! There were no thread suggestions but I saw someone mention smugfest and thought that was hilarious.
  2. LittleMissMuffet

    Just A Little Build #2 is JustALittleBland

    New thread! Well done to @Igglepiggle531 - for the thread title! Very vague overview, please feel free to add!!! SJ and her insta perfect family have relocated to a new home. One can only hope it’s big enough... Exciting times for brands to give her more free stuff in exchange for riveting ads.
  3. T

    Just a little build

    She grinds my gears more than anyone else. I can’t work out if it’s the constant smirk/smugness, the finger pointing when she talks or how she tries SO hard to make everything in her life seem perfect. Thoughts?
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