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  1. Melj71

    Jess & Ali #3 Jess has shown she’s got balls and Ali's social media falls

    Thanks to CheCheKitty1 for the thread title. --- All I can see now
  2. Lrkn27

    Jess & Ali #2 A sneaky pair, blame the trolls, yet overshare!

    Part 2 of the Jess & Ali thread. Quick recap! Ali does the hokey koakey with tiktok. Was a pilot. Currently fighting to get her job back while bashing her employers. Claims she doesn’t read this thread but we all know she does….Hi Ali 👋🏻 Jess is miss positive, or so she likes you to think...
  3. P

    Positive_jess74 & trans_atlantic_alison

    I love Jess, she deserves the world. What a kind hearted lady.. I like Ali’s content but I dunno I think her mask is starting to slip. I can see what others mean when they say it, sometimes she looks furious that people ask about Jess etc. And the video replies to ‘trolls’ are coming off as...