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  1. coconochanel

    Suzie Bonaldi #4 More Zara clothes than adjectives in her vocabulary *so cute*

    New thread thanks to @Nope Nope for the *cute* winning title suggestion (y). So what has our Suzie been up to... Well she's been eye fucking herself in her viewfinder at every chance she gets * so cute* She has been doing haul after haul videos of very cute clothes She thinks she has Hailie...
  2. coconochanel

    HelloOctober #3 Snoozy Suzi was more interesting when she was a floozy

    New thread thanks to @tafseel for the title suggestion. (y) update for newbies... Suzi has done more hauls Bought more designer bags had her hair cut and dyed blonder and done more boring vlogs which include her doing her makeup for 15 minutes and very little else:sleep::sleep::sleep:
  3. coconochanel

    Hellooctober #2 Deck the Hauls with bores of holly.

    Couldn't see any title suggestions so came up with this one. so what has our Suzie been up to well... she's done about 10000 clothes hauls and that's about it!
  4. Greed-Futures

    HelloOctoberxo - Sasshole Sue

    This woman-child is a tornado of a trainwreck who provides so much gossip fodder it's unbelievable, so naturally I had to make her a thread on here. She's being very cryptic about her friendship with Alix from icovetthee -- check out her instastories q&a from yesterday. Wonder what happened...
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