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  1. xits_jjx

    Hellomissjordan #3 35 first dates but apparently it was fate.

    Thread title cred to @em69 Carry on! Recap is basically she does sweet f all and is gold digging and doesn’t pay for anything cause she’s cheap
  2. snapdrag0n

    hellomissjordan #2 She wanted a wedding for the gram, now it's time for underwear spam

    New thread! Thanks @Thechubbymoaner for your wonderful suggestions :) Old thread here for a catch up - https://tattle.life/threads/hellomissjordan.2114/ I’ll try and do a TLDR in a bit, but if someone beats me to it that’s fine :)
  3. disneys


    Does anyone follow this chick on Instagram? Wondering what people’s thoughts were...