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    Hannah Saunders #3 definitely no work done (in her job, not on her face) & Preggy Meggy already on the beggy

    New thread for Hannah Saunders! Thread title is a combination of two title suggestions, thanks too @here4screenshots @toffeepop and @AmmaH
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    Hannah Saunders #2 My life is so perfect, don’t agree? here’s 64 stories, SEE!!! Look at me!!

    New thread for Hannah Saunders! Thread title by @uncleted previous thread here: https://tattle.life/threads/hannah-saunders-pr-guru.12771/
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    Hannah Saunders PR “guru”

    Hannah saunders - loving her bi city living ! Back and forth between london and Dublin for the whole of lockdown . Heads off to adare manor in “ tears “ ...she is tone deaf ! Discuss ! 😀
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